Your Thursday Morning Collapse


The World Has $100 Trillion Private Debt, $50 Trillion Public Debt

One-Third Of European Banks Fail IMF Stress Test: (WSJ)

EU Readies Plan for Derivatives Clearing Crisis, the New Too-Big-to-Fail (BBG) 

The Noose Is Tightening Quickly On The Global Economy (Alt-M)

Fed’s Fischer Says Low Neutral Rate A Sign Of Potential Economic Trouble (R.)

Goldman Warns Of “Upward Shock” To Rates, Hints At Trillions In Losses (ZH) 

Two Thirds Of Young American Adults Live With Their Parents (ZH)

The Math of Escaping From Syria (R.)

Nearly Half Of All Children In Sub-Saharan Africa Live In Extreme Poverty (G.)

Berlin pursues Deutsche Bank talks discreetly with US officials

Hedge funds: Coming up short

Is a Leading Suicide Prevention Organization a Front for Big Pharma?

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone catches fire on Southwest plane

The Dreadful Chronology of Gaddafi’s Murder

Where Does the Hate Come From?

More than 10,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean trying to reach Italy in the last 48 hours

Dead on a Migrant Boat

This Is How America Will Accidentally Join the Syrian War

Syria Crisis 2016: John McCain Calls For US Military Action In Syria, Calls Obama Administration Policy ‘Toothless

What Most Chinese Fear: the U.S.

Podcast: Why nuclear war looks inevitable Reuters

Rising Out-of-Pocket Health Care Costs

Man Wakes From Coma With Ability To Understand Health Insurance Policy

World’s Largest Carbon-Capture Plant to Open Soon

Human age limit claim sparks debate

U.S. Accuses Russia Of Bombing More Civilians Than America Does

Derivatives Are The New ‘Too Big To Fail’

State Department Disappears Clinton’s Greek Bond Insider Trading Smoking Gun Email

Hillary Caught Using Child Actor At Rally

American Army As The Guardian Of Nature – Seriously!

The Climate Is Changing Too Quickly for Crops to Survive

Collapse Editorial:

A Vote For Clinton Or Trump Is A Vote For Death!

No Green Vote Is Wasted

Change Only Comes From Force

Collapse Apology:

Your morning collapse is a little late today due to a hangover.




5 thoughts on “Your Thursday Morning Collapse

  1. Salish C. says:

    I never comment, but thank you for your blog. First encountered your posts on
    NBL. Your posts were always appreciated with your links as well. I also like the guy that posts great Jazz videos all of the time! They were not really relative to what was being posted there on NBL but I liked that he did it anyway! Kind of a zen thing I guess.
    Ah well. It is all so very depressing but thanks again. The truth will happen whether we accept it or not. Peace.

    Liked by 1 person

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