Your Friday Morning Collapse


IMF, Global Finance Leaders Fret Over Populist Backlash (R.)

The Great Debt Unwind: US Business Bankruptcies Soar 38% (WS)

China’s Housing Boom Looks a Lot Like Last Year’s Stocks Bubble (BBG)

IMF, global finance leaders fret over populist backlash

Liar Loans Surge in Australia’s Red-Hot Housing Bubble (WS) 

Deutsche Bank Explores Capital-Raising Options, “All Unattractive”

Risk and Volatility Cannot be Extinguished (CH Smith)

USA’s Day Of Reckoning – Hidden Secrets Of Money 7 (Mike Maloney)

World needs $90tn infrastructure overhaul to avoid climate disaster, study finds

4 Reasons the Paris Agreement Won’t Solve Climate Change

Global Methane Emissions May Be 60 Percent Higher Than Thought: NOAA

California drought continues but residents are conserving less water

Tick bites that trigger severe meat allergy on rise around the world

Record Heating of Earth’s Oceans Is Driving Uptick in Hurricanes

Silence on Climate Change Is Another Form of Denial

Tech Giants Ignore Congo Cobalt Mining Abuses

Mediterranean Becomes Unmarked Grave For 600 Drowned Children This Year

War Without End: Afghanistan, 15 Years Old

Climate Change To Require Land Use Changes to Sustain Global Food Needs

Climate change already here, grim report stresses

Canadian researcher suggests California’s drought could go on for centuries

Drought fears growing as N.J. keeps getting drier

Tunisian farmers struggle with drought 

The Clinton Foundation’s Legacy in Haiti – “Haitians are more than upset…”

Eating roadkill in West Virginia







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