The Collapse Of The Ancient Sea Kings Over Ten Thousand Years Ago

The Oronteus Finaeus map, published in 1531, shows Antarctica before it was “discovered” and how it looked ice-free. North is on the left with Antarctica on the right, above South America. Parts of it were likely copied from much older maps handed down through the millennia, and were already old, before being copied by the ancient Library of Alexandria.
Twelve thousand years ago, the sea levels were 400 feet lower than today, and since everyone lived near the ocean back then, we cannot find much archeological evidence of their existence. Just as you can imagine 400 years from now, when after we collapse, so will most of our great cities will be under 400 feet of water. Most of our great skyscrapers will have already long ago rusted and fallen into the rising seas.
It seems when the last ice age ended, there was a great pulse of ice melt, for whatever reason, that sent sea levels rising at speeds we cannot imagine. Any such great ice melt pulse will also cause a lot of earthquake and volcanic reactions. There is also some evidence of a couple of comets hitting the earth back then, which may have had something to do with the catastrophic ice melt pulse and the 40 days & nights of rain that followed. Most of our religious stories are much more ancient than our reinvention of writing 5,000 years ago. Heady stuff, I know. But, there is great resistance to these ideas from the archeological and religious establishment.
Archeology is over-run by whackos. The range of whack jobs covers the full spectrum from conservative to liberals. Basically, it seems populated with every type of person, from well funded church/state conservatives to unfunded karmic/alien-loving liberals. As usual, we’re stuck in the middle to wade through miles of bullshit to find the truth.
Stick to the evidence, not the speculation, and good luck, it’s a crazy world out there. While author Graham Hancock presents interesting evidence, he tends to go off the deep end of supernatural speculation. His best sources of evidence are the ancient maps and long lost sunken cities. Some of these ancient maps depict Indonesia as a solid land mass, and not a chain of islands like we see today, which it was over 10,000 years ago when seas were lower.
Suggested reading,
Magicians of the Gods, by Graham Hancock
Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age, by Charles H. Hapwood (1966)
Suggested video,

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