Your Monday Morning Collapse


Bank of America Has A Recession Warning That’s Downright ‘Scary’ (CNBC)

Far From Stepping Back, Top Central Banks Are Set To Double Down (R.)

The World Bank and the IMF Won’t Admit Their Policies Are The Problem (G.)

China Must Wean Itself Off Debt Addiction To Avoid Financial Calamity-IMF (Tel.)

A Mile-High House Of Cards (IM)

Russia Says US Actions Threaten Its National Security (R.)

Caribbean leaders at UN warn of region’s ‘economic collapse’ under

Drug use shot up after Greece’s economic collapse

Deutsche Bank Tells Investors Not To Worry About Its €46 Trillion In Derivatives

Deutsche Bank was given special treatment in stress tests (FT)

The Deutsche Bank Frenzy and what it says about European banks

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings 

Italy: A Mile-High House Of Cards

The Italian Bank Bail-In Job

Global warming set to pass 2C threshold in 2050: report

Explained: What we know about mass extinctions

Paul Ehrlich & Pete Myers: Mass Extinction Event Now Under Way



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