Your Wednesday Morning Collapse


North Carolina’s Record Floods Threaten Coal Ash Ponds And Hog Manure Lagoons

Activists just disrupted Canada’s tar sands pipelines into the United States

100% More Forest Fires Since 1980

Africa: ‘Climate Change a Big Threat to Food Security’

Pakistan greatest threat to world peace: India tells UN

Pentagon hints at possible retaliation after Yemen missile fire

Prisoners are starving to death in Venezuela’s jails as food and medicine continues to run out amid economic collapse in the country

October 14 Is A $7 Trillion Moment of Truth in Markets (BBG)

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Vampire Unit Guilty Of Financial Terrorism

China Banks May Need $1.7 Trillion Capital Injection To Cover Bad Loans

Oops! – A World War! (Dmitry Orlov)

Neoliberalism Is Creating Loneliness That’s Wrenching Society Apart (Monbiot)

Obituary: Great Barrier Reef : 25 Million BC-2016

Red Lobster Gets $575M Deal From Thai Food Company Accused Of Slavery

2,343 Oct 12, 2016 6:44 AM 3 Thai Stocks, Currency Plunge On Concerns Over King’s Health, Fed Hike

Big Pharma’s Manufactured Epidemic: The Misdiagnosis of ADHD

English man spends 11 hours trying to make cup of tea with Wi-Fi kettle

Syria War Became Conflict Between USA and Russia and Iran

Russia Says It’s Joining China to Counter U.S. Missile Defense

Capitalism Behaving Badly

IEA Pours Cold Water On Oil Price Rally

“We Didn’t Know Things Were This Bad” – Ericsson Shares Plunge 17% After Shocking Profit Warning

In Leaked Speech, Clinton Promises Bankers to Stand Against Pot Legalization ‘In All Senses of the Word’





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