Your Friday Morning Collapse


Defining collapse is a tricky business. Some see it nowhere. I see it everywhere.

Fed Creates Junk Bond And Stock Market Bubble (SA) 

Draghi Sends Corporate Yields So Negative the ECB Can’t Buy Them (BBG) 

There’s No Plateau in a Housing Bubble, Not Even in Canada (WS)

30% Junk Rally Gives Traders Heartburn (BBG)

China’s Tough Choice: Supporting Growth Or Controlling Debt (CNBC)

Standard & Poor’s Warns On UK Reserve Currency Status As Brexit Hardens (AEP)

Renzi Gambles All on Referendum Haunted by Weak Italian Economy (BBG)

Germany Proposes North Africa Centers For Rescued Migrants (AFP)

Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash

Subprime Auto Securitizations Show Signs Of Cracking As Delinquencies Rise

Singapore Economy Crashes In Q3

Monsanto-Bayer: The Year of Merging Dangerously

Scientists Warn Negative Emissions Is A Fool’s Game

Hurricane Nicole Wreaks Havoc On Bermuda

Seven oil spills have taken place in the Peruvian Amazon in 2016 alone

People Dressed up as Clowns to Scare People are Being Arrested All Over North America and Europe

Africa’s population boom fuels unstoppable migration to Europe

Indo-Pak clash: Climate project may become collateral damage

Overpopulation of unicorns is bad for the startup environment 

43 million gallons of milk have been dumped so far this year



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