My Saturday Morning Collapse


A Note To Readers: Your regular morning collapse will return tomorrow after I recover from my regular weekly collapse from too much drink..

I remember the good ol’ days, back in 2012, when only the Arctic Methane Bomb was gonna git us. Been there, done that, let’s move on. Well now it’s everything that’s gonna git us.  Here’s what I mean. When cooking, you have to time everything to finish all at once, everything has to come together for the end. Well we’re cooking the whole planet, and everything is coming together only to blow apart all at once. I call it my recipe for collapse. Allow me to explain.

The majority of earth’s land plants are up north, where most of earth’s land is, and the plants up there are threatening to go on a carbon-uptake strike 30-40 years sooner than expected, but let’s not forget, the oceans are also going to go on an oxygen production strike much sooner than expected too, both events will happen at the same time, before 2050. Throw in the fact that ocean acidity will also double, coincidentally, at the very same time – then you got all the ingredients for very bad news indeed. Mix together well.

Add to your mix the fact that world water demand will soon exceed supply by 40%. Those numbers freeze my brain so much I can’t even add them all together. This is because we will also lose 50% of our soil by 2050, at the same time we run out of 50% of our water supplies. And also happening at the same time, the whole planet will need 50% more food and farmland by then, along with an another additional 50% more land for carbon negative green energy. Put all that into a blender, set on high.

Small countries like Korea or Britain don’t even have enough land for 100% solar and wind power as it is.  To meet climate targets, the whole human race must dramatically destroy energy demand. This will cause widespread economic dislocation and slavery. But wait, there’s more, and it’s gonna git super extra fucking special mental crazy.

Now, some Democrats are saying that space aliens are going to give humanity free zero point energy, but only if we can stop killing everything and arming outer space. LOL – That’s fucking crazy! Us stop killing? Being Irish, I love to make up stories, especially crazy stories, but even I can’t make that crazy shit up. It is precisely because of how crazy that shit is that I take cold comfort in the harsh logic of collapse, it smells of innocence in comparison.

But okay, Imma gonna try to out-bullshit the master bull-shitters. I’ll borrow some ideas from Graham Hancock and Michael Tellinger. Here goes…

Once upon a time, 15,000 years ago, a superior race of humans, not currently known to us, achieved a super advanced scientific knowledge, including using sound for energy. The oceans were 40 feet lower then, but an asteroid shower suddenly wiped them out. We can’t find any evidence of them because all their cities are buried deep beneath the seas. I imagine there weren’t too many of them to begin with.

These advanced humans of that time may not have been exactly human like we are today, they could well have been not quite human, but more like a sub-species, or more likely, we a sub-species of them. Maybe the only thing different about them was their brain structure. For all we know, they may have bred us humans as slaves to work the gold mines and farms of South Africa 15000 years ago. Perhaps they only slightly altered our brains so that we would work better. Maybe they thought we shouldn’t be smart enough to be dangerous. As in not smart enough to be dangerous to them, but smart enough to be a danger to ourselves.

But then, maybe only our species of humans survived the epochal cataclysm, all while the few remaining survivors of our former masters eventually killed each other off in wars of attrition. We humans eventually forgot about our former master’s advanced knowledge and returned to fire and hunting to survive because agriculture failed for a while. It took a few thousand years for humanity to figure out agriculture again and maybe a thousand more to reinvent writing. Some say with help from a few survivors of our masters of yore. But, what if some of them still survive, right up to this very day?

This story is nearly all bullshit, but what makes it viable is the fact that it is wild speculation based on truth. My wife calls me a master confabulator. Nobody really knows how it all will end for us, we just know it will.

Anyhow, in 5 years from now, the tropical and temperate zones of planet earth will enter catastrophic irreversible ecological harm. Many of today’s young people think they live green urban lives, but when rural habitats die, it’s because of the big sucking sound urban islands make as the surrounding countryside is sucked dry of food, soil and water. Those vast fields of mutant corn stalks and soy plants you see on what appear to be farms, are actually poisonous soil destroying biodiversity deserts. Not even the bugs can survive there.

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All doomers are right eventually, but they only gotta be right once for 100% success.

But, what if you are right 70% of the time, times ten?



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