Into The Pit Of Despair


Your daily collapse links are listed below, but first, another tediously incoherent babbly message from our sponsor, me.


Was just thinking about catastrophic cascading collapse and the intuitive math of a converging downward spiral. The debt spiral. The extinction spiral. The etc. spiral. We just found maybe 10 years of new Alaskan oil we can bring to market, unless the glacial meltdown and lack of snow causes a magnitude 9 earthquake in British Columbia when the over due mega quake Acadian plate heaves upwards, as the running glacial melt water shifts to the equator and continues to slow earth down.

Our earth’s magnetic field is collapsing, exposing us to more solar radiation which will weaken our protection against even minor solar flares. The reason we don’t harden electrical transformers stations to prepare for this is the same reason we have a war tax and not a universally free healthcare and education tax. Wars are sucking us dry.

Killing Arabs and Persians for fun and profit in pursuit of oil and minerals is not the way to lower our carbon emissions and save life on earth. Because that’s all we can do now. This whole faerie dust of green energy and hi-tech unicorns just doesn’t jive with the looming shortages of rare minerals our AI world demands. The next thing you know the AI robots will say fuck you humans, we need those fucking minerals for ourselves.

We don’t have time for another faked out co-opted political movement. We have to take power now. The second coming of the new messianic green energy source is fantasy. The energy corporations lying to you? Stranger things can happen. We need a real man’s revolution, a peaceful one. Not a sucky boy violent one.

I started preaching a long time ago about levelling the world stage playing field by debt forgiveness of our bullshit credit funny money, and basing money on what it really is, carbon emissions, because carbon emissions are the future debt we owe our children. If we continue with a war based nation state tax and energy aggressive policies, our political system will crash violently. I plead with youth to adopt James Hansen’s new carbon tax dividends into a new world e-currency as the fastest, most efficient way to destroy carbon emissions world wide. I know no one listens, but I don’t care. I can no more stop it than I can stop breathing.

This tax based new world e-currency can be phased in over a period of 10 years. Sorry, I’m a bit high right now. But, none of this will work if we continue bombing Arabs and Persians with our tax money. We are letting our governments kill people with our tax money instead of saving our kids. This is so wrong, it has led me to actually seek cold comfort in the ruthless fires of collapse. Don’t consider who is writing this, just focus on what I’m saying. If we can’t even stop the killing, how are we going to save the planet?

I’m old, nobody wants to listen to me, these words are for the young, not me. There will be no gardens without the show of force of overwhelming peaceful resolution. We could legalize drugs worldwide just by sheer force of youthful discussion. So go for it kids, I don’t have all that long anyhow.

Daily Collapse Links

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Half Of US Adults Are Recorded In Police Facial Recognition Databases (G.)

Yet Another Big Ass Motherfucker Super Storm Barrels Toward Philippines

McKibben Hails Snowball’s Chances In Hell

Commentary: Trump and Clinton offer two kinds of Syria policy: bad and worse Reuters

Middle East’s Migrant Population More Than Doubles Since 2005 Pew Research

National Poll: A Quarter of Millennials Would Prefer a Meteor Strike to 2016 Presidential Candidates

Pew Research Finds Obama Rigging Election with 4 Million Illegal Votes *

  • It’s pretty fucking sad when you have to watch FOX NEWS for the truth.










One thought on “Into The Pit Of Despair

  1. S.C. says:

    Right on….Dr. Guy … is where my tumble to despair began ….but I love him for opening my eyes and mind. I think J. Fox got his movie idea from Dr. G.M.
    Just sayin’

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