Peak A.I.

Did you know A.I. is in a race against time? The minerals we need for our hi-tech hardware will be supply constrained within 15 years. We do not have enough minerals for 7-9 billion people to enjoy green energy and electronics.
Someone posted a link to the 6 different types of lithium batteries in use today, and all of them face future supply constraints even without energy poverty. Energy poverty means no hi-tech toys for the poor. The increased disparity will cause kidnappings at first, followed by mass murder of the poor.
You see, scientists and engineers say, “Oh yea! We can do everything in 25 years”, but they are myopically talking from their perspective specialities. Minerals aren’t free, we are running out of cheap and easy access to minerals while facing an imminent habitat destruction acceleration and fossil fuel shortages. The tropics will burn and dry up and flood and starve within 10 years. The temperate breadbaskets of Europe and North America will soon do the same.
The Philippines has been hit by so many mega-storms, they got a nut-bar for a leader. All those new mega cities in Asia are going to get slammed by quakes and storms. You can’t block Europe or Canada from climate/war refugees. So why fight it?
In the following link you can see nickel, manganese and phosphates are all cobalt substitutes for lithium batteries that also face imminent future supply constraints even without accelerating demand. Increasing demands for AI and green energy systems is self-limiting. Let’s hope we can culture home grown artificially intelligent plants.

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