My Slow Mo Collapse Nightmare


Did Prehistoric Civilization Have An Alternative Source Of Green Energy?

Over 12,000 years ago, sea levels suddenly rose faster than humanity was prepared to survive. Some say debris from an asteroid hit the 2 mile thick glaciers that sat where the Great Lakes are now and caused a great meltdown of the ice sheet. When the giant glacier started melting, a gigantic lake formed on top and burst through the ice dams to rush down towards equatorial regions. That was Noah’s great flood, a story way older than the Bible. Humanity’s advanced prehistoric genius was lost in a cataclysmic event that sent us humans back to the stone age for thousands of years. Humanity had to learn agriculture and writing all over again. Those prehistoric ancient cities now lay miles out to sea underwater. We have long since built our cities on earth’s new coastlines miles up the hill from where they used to be.

Collapse has happened long before the collapse of ancient Rome. All of our historic civilizations were built on agriculture, war and slavery. I wouldn’t be too surprised if, at one time, all humanity were nothing more than prehistoric slaves to a higher evolved type of human. I also wouldn’t be surprised that us humans were once bred like cattle just to be slaves. Slavery is nothing, if not ironic. Some say a barrel of oil is the same as owning 600 slaves for a year, yet we are all slaves to fossil fuels. Some say 12,000 years ago, humanity used sound resonance as a source of clean energy.  And, when the world collapsed 12,000 years ago, the survivors in Turkey, Syria and Iraq returned to only fire as our primary source of energy, and we never outgrew it.

Nowadays we’re lucky, although oceans are predicted to rise meters per decade by 2050, that’s still like a zillion years away. I know that’s important, but we’ll be too busy dealing with no fresh water, food and habitat by 2030, and that’s only a lifetime away. Living on the coasts has been very pleasant for the last 10,000 years, not so much so over the next 10.

If we do not act now, we will foolishly raise the oceans dramatically for thousands of years

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age, by Charles H. Hapwood (1966)

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