DANGER Will Robinson!

Lost In Space – 1965 TV Series

China poured twice as much cement in the last 7 years than the U.S. ever has. They spent 7 years building enough highways to cross the U.S. a dozen times. If they slow down to our pace, the whole thing will collapse. When that happens, everyone will say, oh look China is reducing it emissions, hurray! But the smog stopped the sunlight from heating the earth, and when emissions go down, planetary heating goes up, and we don’t need up.

Earth is now entering a lightning fast heat state jump and shifting to a new energy equilibrium. It will be violent, and it will be bad. First goes the food, and then goes the water. This will start to feel really real in 5 years, if you are lucky. When it comes to droughts and floods, time is the enemy. The consequences for the tropics and temperate zones is catastrophically irreversible. Get out of town.


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