Your Monday Morning Collapse


If bees are going away, take heart …

Japan Exports Fall 6.9% YoY, Imports Plunge 16.3% (BBG)

China: Soon The Most Visible Victim of Deglobalization (AJ)

China Continues To Buy Up The World (BBG)

Europe’s Incredibly Safe Banks (BBG)

What Is “Impossible” And What Is Inevitable (CH Smith)

Chinese house prices crash in October

The Niger Delta Oil Wars Are Unlikely To End Soon

The Little-Known Company That Enables Worldwide Mass Surveillance

Why won’t anyone admit that America is fighting 5 wars?

Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change

Banker Deaths and WikiLeaks Deaths Have a Common Thread

America’s Middle-class Meltdown: Core shrinks to half of US homes

New study concludes historical records may underestimate sea level rise

West Africa Is Being Swallowed by the Sea: Erosion and salinization have reduced arable land and contaminated freshwater reserves.

Storms are getting Stronger. A CATEGORY 6 Hurricane coming?

What are humanity’s greatest existential threats? (

Saudi, Allies ‘Deliberately Targeting Yemen’s Food Industry’, Bomb Cows (Fisk)

The United States’ War on Youth: Turning Schools into Prisons

Chinese gang kidnaps and cripples children, forces them to beg on streets of Malaysia

ISIS executes 284 people including children in Mosul

Watergate’s Bob Woodward: “Clinton Foundation Is Corrupt, It’s A Scandal”

NATO Continues To Prepare For War With Russia

Trump Victory Odds Soar As The Hillary Clinton ‘Death Cross’ Strikes

Afghanistan opium production up 43% – UN drugs watchdog


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