Are We Too Stupid To Live?

According to Nick Lane, life is the search for energy. It’s what we do to survive. It was the ability to absorb energy through chemical barriers that created life itself. So life evolves to effectively get more energy. When life succeeds, intelligence can succeed. Are we victims of our evolutionary quest for energy?
Humanity hit the energy jackpot with fossil carbon energy. We use it with both natural and unnatural greed. Humanity is now the epicenter of a planetary energy flash in the pan. We are at peak human experience due to our intake of massive amounts of energy. Just imagine a cave man in Times Square.
On a geological time scale, all life on earth is flashing in the pan. This mass extinction event is ten times faster than the dinosaur extinction. We also stand a very excellent chance of extinguishing our air and oceans as CO2 and heat allow them to drift off into space.
Earth will not be fine without us. Because we fucked the dog for seven years, we now have to reduce energy demand 10% per year for 50 years just for a 50/50 shot at saving earth. We cannot even wait one second, let alone another 4 years.
This makes me wonder if the evolutionary energy success of all life in the universe will by definition result in planetary destruction. This makes the chances of life in the universe small because its evolutionary success results in its own destruction. I wonder if it is like a law of life in the universe. Perhaps life does exceed its grasp… well, mostly.

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