The Secret Collapse Book Ends Of Humanity


Many of you heard of climate denial and addiction denial, but what if there’s one more form of denial, cultural denial?  Did humans have a great sea faring civilization before 12,000 years ago? Oceans were much lower then and world flooding around 11,700 years ago wiped these sea people out and plunged humanity back into the stone age until 7,000 years ago. I’ll tell you how.

Why are there 15th century maps of Antarctica when we didn’t actually “discover” it until the 18th century? How could the maps show the Antarctic coast when it’s covered in ice? The answer is because the old outer shores of Antarctica were temporarily uncovered from ice for about a 1,000 years as southern seas retreated 12,000 years ago, caused by the  quick massive ice build up in the Arctic.

You see, during the Younger Dryas period around 12,900 years ago there was a die off of life on earth due to an extreme climate shift that froze the north pole and thawed the Antarctic. This has led to speculation that those maps are copies of maps from 12,000 years ago. There were 2 events, one that caused a massive Arctic cooling in 12,900 B.C. and another event that caused massive Arctic heating in 11,700 B.C. This heating led to the great flood of ancient legends. These flood legends are 11,000 years old.

Toke Break  😉

The reason we suppress this knowledge is always the same, church and state. It took the church 500 years to forgive Galileo, it should take another 500 to forgive this slight to human history. But what about species denial?  What if Neanderthals were way smarter than we give them credit for?  The way we carry on about this and violence towards other races, makes me think perhaps some small group of seafaring Neanderthals escaped humanity via the seas some 40,000 years ago, until calamity hit them twice 11,000 and 12,000 years ago. Cannot say I blame them. Perhaps they buried their dead at sea. Cool eh? Now, what if some small group of them still survive hidden underground down there in Antarctica growing their own food and energy from algae? I have no idea. But isn’t it ironic we discover 2 secret collapses, the one before history and the up-coming one after history?



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