Your Wednesday Morning Collapse


Tim Kaine Florida Rally – I’ve had more people at my birthday parties.

30 people show up to Tim Kaine rally in Florida (video) 

“We Have Nowhere to Go” — Sea Level Rise is Devouring the Coast of West Africa

213 North American Oil Industry Companies Have Now Declared Bankruptcy (FF)

AT&T Is Spying On Americans For Profit (DB)

Global Stocks, US Futures Drop On Apple Disappointment, Sliding Crude

The US Is Currently Bombing Seven Countries (PF)

The Biggest F*ck Ever Recorded In Human History (Michael Moore)

Antarctic Glaciers Are Melting at a ‘Staggering’ Rate (Gizm.)

Another pipeline spill reported in Peruvian Amazon as indigenous protests enter eighth week

‘The atmosphere is being radicalized’ by climate change

China environment officials in Xian detained for data fraud: Xinhua

WHO cancer agency asked experts to withhold weedkiller documents they were asked to release under United States freedom of information laws

PM says Italy cannot handle rate of migrant arrivals

Pennsylvania Pipelines Bursts, Leaks 55,000 Gallons Of Gas Into One Of USA Most Endangered Rivers- Same company owns Dakota pipeline

Antibiotic waste is polluting India and China’s rivers; big pharma must act

Climate change may spark next financial crisis, former Bank of England regulator says – “It is potentially a systemic risk.”

Deutsche Bank Considering Alternatives To Paying Cash Bonus

German Ammunition Sales Skyrocket Tenfold In First Half Of 2016

Adoption Of The Euro Has Been ‘Unequivocally Bad’ For Southern European Economies

The US isn’t getting out of Afghanistan anytime soon

US-led coalition killed 300 Syrian civilians in 11 probed strikes – Amnesty

One billion trees felled in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest now 10 million hectares of abandoned pasture

Big Pharma Preps to Spend Hundreds of Millions to Keep Drug Prices High

‘Rip-off’ drug firms exposed by Times face massive fines

‘There Are No More Panes of Glass Left in Aleppo’

The Pentagon’s ‘Terminator Conundrum’: Robots That Could Kill on Their Own

WikiLeaks lists at least 65 corporate ‘Presstitutes’ who colluded to hide Clinton’s crimes

Video: Police Viciously Attacked Peaceful Protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline





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