My Thursday Morning Hangover


70% Of Wildlife Gone: World Faces Mass Extinction On Scale Of Dinosaurs (YP)

World wildlife ‘falls by 58% in 40 years

Mass Consumption Is Causing Mass Extinction. Can We Stop Ourselves? (TP)

Our Landfill Economy (CH Smith)

Globalization Goes Into Reverse (BBG)

The Next 10 Years Will Be Ugly for Your 401(k) (BBG)

Deutsche Bank Probes “Misstated” Derivative Valuations, Finds “Divergences” (ZH)

Clinton Adviser Proposes Attacking Iran to Aid the Saudis in Yemen (NYMag) 

UK Deploys Hundreds Of Troops And Aircraft To Eastern Europe (G.)

Merkel Accuses Facebook, Google Of “Distorting Perception” (ZH)

Sea Ice Extent Is Near Record Lows–South as Well as North

China Gets Desperate About Debt

In the “Jungle:” Report from the Refugee Camp in Calais, France

Children without beds at Calais ‘Jungle’

Hillary: The “Good News” is That China is “Forcing Down Wages”

Fact Check: Trump Is Right that Clinton Might Cause WW3

Luxury retailers are abandoning New York’s Fifth Avenue

New England’s 900% Increase in Organ Donation Tied to Depth of Opioid Epidemic

Cheering the Inequities







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