Your Sunday Morning Collapse

FBI still does not have warrant to review new Abedin emails linked to Clinton probe

North Dakota had 292 oil spills in 2 years–officials disclosed 1 to the public

NASA Scientists Suggest We’ve Been Underestimating Sea Level Rise

California sudden oak death reaches catastrophic levels

Alabama’s ‘Worst Drought In Memory’ Is About To Get Even Worse

Doubts About Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops – “genetic modification in the United States and Canada has not accelerated increases in crop yields or led to an overall reduction in the use of chemical pesticides.”

Mediterranean warming fast, deserts may spread in Europe: study

‘The stuff of nightmares’: US primate research centers investigated for abuses – Animal welfare campaigners have decried incidents of monkeys dying from strangulation, water deprivation, poor handling by staff & attempted escapes

James Hansen makes case for revenue-neutral carbon tax

Climate Change Leading To Collapse Is Not A Secret..

General warns climate change refugee wars are coming

Climate change could flip Mediterranean lands to desert

Security Firm Running Dakota Access Pipeline Intelligence Has Ties to U.S. Military Work in Iraq and Afghanistan

How a Pillar of German Banking Lost Its Way Der Spiegel

Even Math Teachers Are at a Loss to Understand Annuities

America’s gift to the world: exports of the best armed drones

Small oil palm plantations are having big impacts on Peru rainforest

Social Media Blackout? FBI Emails Are Not ‘Trending’ On Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Or Snapchat

“We Risk Being Collateral Damage In The Neocon Lust For War”

“Global Economy Is Not Improving” – Anxious CEOs Blame Poor Data On Weak US Consumer

Global warming is on track to disrupt the Mediterranean region more than any droughts or heatwaves in the past 10,000 years

Hatred of Clinton Is Trump’s Rallying Cry at Campaign Events North and South

Zika Virus in Vietnam – Vietnam Forum – TripAdvisor






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