A Toast To First Beginnings Last Ends


When you think about civilization or climate, it’s best to think in terms of  1000 years or more. Imagine staring at earth 14 thousand years ago. The earth was greening and the long warm age was slowly beginning. There’s irrefutable evidence that a prehistoric worldwide civilization flourished back then. But this prehistoric worldwide civilization got slammed with a severe deep freeze 12900 years ago, and about 1000 years later they got slammed again by a severe heat wave and mega flood 11600 years ago. That mega-flood wiped out all civilization for thousands of years. Whenever there’s a extreme planetary thawing or freezing there’s earthquakes. That freezing and melting from 11600 to 12800 killed half the life on earth. They call it the Younger Dryas Mass Extinction.

This means that civilization has already collapsed once before 11600 years ago. Civilization is collapsing right now, we aren’t taking it well. We are on course for destroying earth in endless wars for water, food, gas and oil. All this talk of greener pastures in the face of our reality is just that, talk. Equatorial urban centers are exploding in populations, shortages and violence. We cannot have a progressive neo-con world. Gas is not a bridge to a green energy world as we know and understand it to be.  We can’t have our cake and eat it to. If we try, our cake will eat us. The way we grow food is killing earth and us. We cannot change in time to stop the last destruction of a world civilization. We cannot save ourselves now even if we really wanted, it’s too late. That’s why we accept false assurances. Imma gonna git drunk.

P.S. – Jack Kirby was King.


3 thoughts on “A Toast To First Beginnings Last Ends

  1. Hey Robert! Love your irreverent seriousness. Regarding your last comment: “imma gonna git drunk”. At this stage i highly suggest only really, really, really good brews, like Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marrone, Bitches Brew or Higher Math, or Founders Imperial Stout or KBS or Weyerbacher’s Insanity…why waste what remains on this beautiful planet with worthless Bud or Coors wannabe lite-weights? Plus, with 9-17% alc by vol, a little goes a long, long way. Even Founders’ Breakfast Stout @8.3% might ‘git’ your daily mental irreverence off to a wonderful collapse-licious start. Best, r

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  2. EtyerePetyere says:

    Wrong !…………….. “There’s irrefutable evidence that a prehistoric worldwide civilization flourished back then”
    At best maybe some packets of sedentary organized groups doing subsistence agriculture . You don`t have to go into some outlandish hypothesis to make your point there were plenty of civilizations well documented collapsing since we have real history inka`s Maya`s even Romans or the Byzantines were collapsing ones but most of the time localized . this one is now global . lets see how it plays out
    ” You maybe Alive at the end of the world” .. Ancient Irish blessing

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  3. Maybe, maybe not. The mad man should provide a cite or link. Sure we have enough evidence regarding collapse, however, new things are turned up all the time. Gobekli Tepe dates to 12,000 bce and is a remarkable piece of work and still unexplained…how many more places like this lie beneath the surface and under the oceans. Probably a lot.

    Other interesting discoveries abound that are changing the very nature of our understanding of the planet and life. Look the work of the www,deepcarbon.net observatory. Life deep inside the earth where methane-based life forms are found in abundance? The entire cosmos is probably teeming with life if this is case.

    And he right…it can’t be stopped and there is no reason to believe its ending would be different from any other ending. They are all predicated on the same dynamic.

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