Your Wednesday Morning Collapse

Study blames low 2015 Western snowpack on high temperatures- For 111 of the snow-measurement stations in the region, the April 1 reading was zero for the first time ever, essentially indicating that there was no snow left, the study found.

IARC Scientists Defend Glyphosate Cancer Link; Surprised by Industry Assault

Climate change wars are coming and building walls won’t help, top general warns

In Bangladesh, tigers are being killed by the local ‘mafia’

Critics Decry Surveillance of Canadian Journalist as Part of ‘Horrifying’ Culture Shift

Rio de Janeiro scientists warn that city’s sea defences may not cope with climate change after record storm surge floods beaches

Long the talk of conspiracy theorists, geoengineering schemes move closer to reality: United Nations body is investigating controversial methods to avert runaway climate change by giving humans the go-ahead to re-engineer the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere

Climate sceptics widen their net to claim all science – from medicine to physics to computing – is ‘in deep trouble’

Myanmar’s logging ban feeds shadow economy of illegal trade

Thirst for coltan, gold threatens Venezuelan forests, indigenous lands

As Flint Suffers, Nestlé Plans Dramatic Expansion of Water Privatization

No Help for Civilians Trapped in Mosul as Deaths from US-Led Bombing Reported

Peak Renewable Energy Investment Seen Holding Back Climate Fight

Overfishing could be the next problem for climate change

Libya on brink of economic collapse – World Bank

Maersk’s Profit Drops 43% On Overcapacity In Shipping Industry (BBG)

Five Separate FBI Cases Are Probing Clinton’s Inner Circle (DM)

BofA Institutional Clients Sell Stocks For A Record 21 Straight Weeks Due To Soaring Redemptions

Unthinkable Politics and the Dead Bodies of Children

What Will Samsung Do With Its 4.3 Million Recalled Smartphones?

Oil continues to fall as US stockpiles unexpectedly grow

Oil drilling caused killer earthquake in boomtime California, scientists suspect

Next U.S. president faces Colorado River problem 

Hong Kong money laundering and terrorism financing reports hit record high 

Political Cartoons

I do not like Cenk Uygur, but I like what he’s saying here. Here you can see the inside Machiavellian machinations of the American status quo. You can see who’s involved in pay for play, and how much money is involved.

WOW! November 1st rally for Clinton holds 200 people. November 1st rally for Trump holds 10,000.




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