Collapse Of The House Of Cards


Collapse is like a house of cards. Each card, no matter what its value, holds civilization up. No card is more worthy or less worthy than any other card. The queen of spades is not worth more than the 2 of hearts, etc. Politics is no less collapse worthy than is C02, CH4 or NO3. Everything is connected. It is my belief that the rank and-file at the NSA hacked Podesta’s emails and that the rank and-file FBI are behind all the new leaks.  I tried to post this at reddit/collapse but it was removed because it “lacked substance”. LOL.

Revenge of the FBI and NSA.

Defence specialist Steve Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under 4 presidents. He says Hillary And Bill Clinton are pedophiles. There are 2 coups happening right now, the Clinton one, and the Intelligence counter-coup. Pedophile Jeff Epstein was a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation. Bet you didn’t know that. Pieczenik  believes that the Orlando shooting was an inside job to stir up Islamophobia, which I dismissed initially, but then I remembered that Bush killed over 3,000 Americans on 911 to stir up hatred, so why couldn’t a war hawk like Hillary kill 50 gay people? Remember, this is not my idea.

Follow The Money

There is a 99% chance that 5 nations hacked the Clinton server and a high probability of a Clinton indictment. I have been a progressive for over 20 years now, and I can’t believe I have to watch FOX NEWS to get informed.

Comcast’s NBC producers speak up.

Listen to NBC producers tell us about Clinton going off on an expletive rant calling Donna Brazile a buffalo because she got an actual surprise question at a Matt Lauer debate. Watch her eyes once she figures this out. Those are crazy eyes.

How To Rig An Election


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