Your TGIF Morning Collapse


NYC Homelessness Surges To The “Highest Levels Since The Great Depression”

Both US Parties Need to Worry About Poverty (BBG)

French Car Production Has Collapse Since Joining The Euro

Planet on Track to Surpass 3°C Temperature Rise

Higher incomes driving Indonesian smallholders to oil palm and rubber

Wildlife traps threaten lives of Peruvian conservationists

Geo-Engineering Unlikely to Work, Conservation Group Says

Arctic Warming Gives U.S. and Europe the Chills

Hundreds of desperate people trying to reach Europe drowned this week

IEA doubts electric cars will end oil age

Feds to Auction Off Ohio’s Only National Forest to Fracking

Dakota Access pipeline: police fire rubber bullets and mace activists during water protest

“Unstoppable” Destabilization of West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Threshold May Have Been Crossed

Every American Melts 32 Square Feet of Arctic Ice Every Year

12-Lane Highway Threatens Nigeria’s Last Rainforests – A proposed project in Cross River State would cut through protected areas & threaten endangered species like the Cross River gorilla

Climate science: Bad news gets worse

NC military bases under attack from climate change

GOP to Kerry: Climate deal can be reversed

Germany Hits Delay With Climate-Change Plan Ahead of UN …

FBI Finds Previously Unseen Hillary Clinton Emails On Weiner’s Laptop

Anti-Clinton Atmosphere Spurred Leaks (G.)

The Trouble With Triffids

Early Closings Of US Nuclear Plants Leave Toxic Waste With Nowhere To Go (BBG)

Rigged: NBC local news mistakenly posts US election results a week too soon, shows a Clinton “win”

US Voters Fear The Media Far More Than Russian Hackers (WE)

An Obituary Of The New York Times

How PE Firms Are Flipping Drugs in Price-Gouging Scheme that Cannibalizes the Entire US Economy

Toon Time

‘Trump won’t be permitted to win’ – Assange interview with John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)



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