Your Sunday Morning Collapse



David Stockman Warns Both Trump And Clinton Could Lead To 25% Sell-Off (CNBC)

Election Chaos Fears Have Preppers Stockpiling Survival Food (CNBC)
Exposing John Podesta (TeleSur)
The Secret World of the US Election: Julian Assange Talks to John Pilger (RT)
California Secession Group To Meet At State Capitol Day After Election (SFG)
Tech Is Disrupting All Before It – Even Democracy Is In Its Sights (Cadwalladr)
China Premier Li Says Economy To Maintain Steady Growth (R.)
Attempts To Cool Over-Heating Australia Property Market Are Failing (AFR)
May: Parliament Must Accept Brexit Vote Was Legitimate (R.)
Higher Prices And Rising Debt Threaten Millions In UK (G.)
Turkey Is Headed For A Bloodbath (Rubin)
Turkey Was Once A Free Society. Now It Is Rapidly Destroying Itself. (WaPo)
Germany Investigates 60 Possible Islamists In Armed Forces (R.)
German Ministry Wants Migrants Returned To Africa (R.)

Pennsylvania Pipelines Bursts, Leaks 55,000 Gallons Of Gas Into One Of USA€™ Most Endangered Rivers

Enormous, Mysterious Ice Avalanches Strike Tibet

Utah’s Great Salt Lake Is Shrinking At An Alarming Rate

Save the Rainforest? Not If You’re Eating Whoppers at Burger King

How a new money system could help stop climate change

America’s largest source of zero-carbon power is in serious trouble.

‘Last Chance’ to Limit Global Warming to Safe Levels, UN Scientists Warn

More Bad News for Honey as U.S. Seeks to Get Handle on Glyphosate Residues in Food

The Top 5 Most Urgent Climate Change Election Stories the Mainstream Media Suppressed

7 foods that could go extinct thanks to climate change

Environment is the ‘silent casualty’ of armed conflict [EN/AR]

A Colorado Ballot Measure Could Make it Nearly Impossible to Ban Fracking

Creating a National Security State ‘Democracy,’ Or How the American Political System Changed and No One Noticed

Militias Are Urging Their Members To Prepare For Violence On Election Day

Ominous news for Aleppo as Russian frigate reaches Syrian coast

Selling ‘Regime Change’ Wars to the Masses

The Coming Plague of Poverty Among the Elderly: Clinton’s Plan For Gutting Social Security

Can The Oligarchy Still Steal The Presidential Election?

Five ways the internet will go wrong on Election Day

Bernie Sanders



I do not believe that most of the people who are thinking about voting for Mr. Trump are racist or sexist.



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