RED ALERT ! Straight White Men Going Extinct !

Yes, I may be a collapsetard conspiratist,
but I’m a funny collapsetard conspiratist.
Straight White Men Going Extinct Video Link:

We have 20 years — at the very most — to prevent mass extinction

Prince Charles: I worry deeply that the planet is facing mass extinction

Animals in human altered areas have higher risk of extinction

Earth experiencing BIGGEST MASS-EXTINCTION since the dinosaurs

Frog goes extinct, media yawns

Environment Canada calls for more ‘unseasonably warm …

Poaching alert: 76 tigers dead this year 

Betting Sites See Record Wagering On US Presidential Election (R.)

When Might We Know Who Won? Potentially Hours Earlier Than Usual (BBG)
Could Trump Or Clinton Face Impeachment As President? (John Crudele)
This Election Has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism (Silverstein)
Much More Than Trump (Repost), by Robert Gore
Private Capital Allocation As Inefficient As In Great Depression (Beversdorf)
Housing ‘Wealth Creation’ Leads To National Wealth Destruction (Janda)
China Might Finally Give Wall Street What It Wants – 20 Years Late (WSJ)
Hong Kong Derails Property Streetcar (BBG)
Negative Bond Yields in Japan Don’t Look So Bad With Deflation (BBG)
Architect Of Euro In Stark Warning (BBC)
Obama Aiming To Make Lasting Impression With Athens Speech (Kath.)
Erdogan Blasts West As Turkey’s Kurdish Party Boycotts Parliament (R.)
Great Barrier Reef: What Have We Left For Our Children? (Naomi Klein)

Wikileaks Releases 8,200 Emails From DNC Hack; Reveals Collusion Between CNN And Democrats

Rio de Janeiro Not Ready For Rising Sea Storms

Ninety-Four Indian Cities Haven’t Met Air Quality Standards In The Last 5 Years!

Marrakech climate talks: giving the fossil fuel lobby a seat at the table

What lies beneath: As earth warms, diseases within permafrost become a bigger worry

We Won’t Finish Discovering New Trees in the Amazon for 300 Years

Crosstalk: How Models Reveal the Secrets of Biology Without Making the News 

New Discovery Broadens VW Emissions-Cheating Crisis

World currency markets brace for China reserve shock 

What It’s Like Saving Lives on the Front Lines of Canada’s Opioid Crisis 

Rag Tag

Why Hillary and Bill are the Mafia mobsters of US politics: She’s dodged a bullet. But in a brilliant dispatch, RICHARD LITTLEJOHN reveals US voters’ revulsion at stench of corruption that won’t go away… 



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