Political Collapse

I’m With Her, But She’s Not With Me

The Big Dick won, and the Big Clit’s ignominious collapse revealed her true colours. Thousands of Clit’s supporters were left stranded in the middle of the night, ignored by their leader. They attended the glass ceiling gala expecting her to win. Imagine their shock. All the rigged polls and corporate media whores were deafened by the sound of their own bullshit. By 2 am, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as the deflated crowd realized their chosen leader didn’t give a fuck about them. Rachael Maddow castigated voters who didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton, essentially blaming them for Clit’s big loss. The blame will start the day hot and heavy, with dare I say it, some even blaming the Big Clit herself. Congratulations America, you elected dangerously crazy man, but one that is definitely less crazy than Clit.


3 thoughts on “Political Collapse

  1. This morning my 9 year old girl was afraid to go to school because “Trump is going to kill us.” That’s the fault of me and my wife and the people we hang out with, talking around children like they’re not listening. My bad.

    So I told her she had nothing to worry about- that Trump is just a ridiculous stupid clown and that’s why I didn’t think he should be president, but that he wouldn’t hurt us.

    So she says, “But I’m scared of clowns…”

    Now you’re just trying to get out of going to school, smart ass… 🙂

    FYI It’s not like I voted for Hillary either. I only vote for candidates that have no chance of being elected.


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