Your 90 Minute Video Collapse Crash Course

Boxed Cribb Notes!

If any of you want a speedy masters course in collapse without hours of nasty reading and research, then you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado.

Jason Box’s Latest Video . (36:19)

Jason explains the latest unpublished science on how fast the ice can crash. He says ice dynamics are not baked into today’s climate models rendering them practically useless. Ice will collapse way faster than we think. Fifteen thousand years ago sea levels rose 125 meters in ten thousand years. He also thinks growing weed means we only need additional land equivalent to 1.5 Australias to reduce carbon back to 350 ppm. Box at his best.

Politics in the Pub, Julian Cribb . (6:43)

Don’t let the cutesy pootsey title fool. Cribb fires off bullet point notes about why we are going to run out of food, and he does it under 7 minutes with the focus on water.

The 2013 Wheat Belt Knock Out, Julian Cribb  . (15:00)

This video is 40 minutes, but you only need the first 15 minutes because Cribb fires off facts like a Gatling Gun. The rest of the video is baby food to help you recover from the bad news.

Poisoned Planet, Julian Cribb (31:00)

There are some 80,000 untested man made chemicals in our environment. This video is the one-two knockout punch that keeps you laying dazed on the floor. Optional.


Cribb says we can forget about climate change because we are soon going to run out of food. The only problem is that Jason Box says climate change will happen faster than Cribb thinks. We are going to run out of food in about 15 years at the same time our climate hits the crazy button. Well now, there you have it, you are now a collapse expert. No need to thank me. It’s on you now!

p.s. – I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you civilization already collapsed before recorded history, about 11,000 years ago.




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