Your Friday Morning Collapse


Leonard Cohen, 1934 – 2016.

Deforestation Drives Up Brazil’s Carbon Emissions

Climate change is impacting all aspects of life on Earth: new study

Another 700 hectares of Bolivian rainforest lost to sugarcane surge

Its own rhinos hunted to extinction, Vietnam is a hub for the rhino horn trade

Erdogan Lashes Out At EU, Threatens To “Open The Gates” For Refugees

The Unbearable Smugness Of The American Media

Trump Win Lobs Climate Action Into Disarray

La Niña Arrives, May Exacerbate Lasting Drought

Scientists know storms are fueled by climate change. They just need to tell everyone else.

Spoiled Americans Now Want to Flee What They Created

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead, Schumer tells labor leaders

Stray Dogs Suspected Of Killing Almost 400 Penguins In Southern Argentina

Noam Chomsky on Trump & Climate Change: “The Republican Party is determined to drive us off the precipice as fast as they can”

Obama’s Environmental Legacy Just Went Up in Smoke

Nestlé Just Granted Permit to Double Water Extraction 120 Miles from Flint, MI

Climate change is changing nature so much it may need ‘human-assisted evolution’, scientists say

Michigan, Flint Ordered to Make Home Water Deliveries

Donald Trump will be the fossil fuel industry’s greatest gift

Donald Trump Wants To Dismantle Obama’s Climate Rules. So Who’s Going To Stop Him?

Why we can’t afford our addiction to meat

Record Low Temperatures Are Disappearing

Record Hot Years Could Be ‘New Normal’ By 2025

Fuel economy of American vehicles continues to drop

India rupees: Chaos at banks continues after ATMs reopen

‘Crashing waves’ of jihadists fray soldiers’ nerves in Mosul battle

Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom Coming Undone

Trump’s Drive to Redo Nafta Will Run Headlong Into Globalized Car Industry

Acts of intimidation, violence and vandalism reported after Trump win

Donald Trump Ran on Protecting Social Security But Transition Team Includes Privatizers

U.S. consumer financial agency could be defanged under Trump

Trump Shows Every Sign of Carrying Out Sweeping Immigration Crackdown

Donna Brazile: I’m sorry only that I got caught cheating with debate questions

Silicon Valley’s Call to Secede Shows How Out of Touch It Is

Silicon Valley’s Call to Secede Shows How Out of Touch It Is

The End of Growth and the Rise of Trump (Tyee)
Donald Trump Is Moving To The White House, And Liberals Put Him There (Frank)
Rupee Note Cancellation Plunges India Into Panic (G.)
Emerging-Markets Rout Deepens as Europe Shares, Commodities Rise (BBG)
China Household Debt/GDP More Than Doubled In Under 10 Years To 40.7% (R.)
China’s Yuan Set for Steepest Weekly Loss Since January (BBG)
Judge Tells Trump University Litigants They Would Be Wise To Settle (R.)
The Unbearable Smugness Of The Press (CBS)
Obama Asks Congress For Extra $11 Billion, Wants More Lethal Drones (BBG)
BoE Chief Economist Andy Haldane: Economics Suffers From Tunnel Vision (BBG)
London Property Market Is “Tanking By The Day” (BBG)

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