My Saturday Morning Collapse

Avocados are driving deforestation in Mexico

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

Turkey is swiftly heading towards a regime of terror

It was the Democrats’ embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump

The Fall of the House of Clinton

How Letting Bankers Off the Hook May Have Tipped the Election

Deutsche Warns Of Imminent “Domino Impact” For Stocks From Bond Carnage, Soaring Dollar

Feral pigs, vampire bats, and infectious diseases in rural Brazil

Climate change is impacting all aspects of life on Earth: new study

 From Genes To Biomes To People: Climate Change Affects All, Says …

For 12 years, plants bought us extra time on climate change

The Clintons And Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution

Lena Dunham Wants You To Know That She “Was Miserable On Election Night”

Escaping the Soulless Machine (Steen Jakobsen)
Moving Past Never Trump (NR)
Donald Trump Appears To Soften Stance On Range Of Pledges (G.)
The Clintons And Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution (Madsen)
A Visit to Trump’s America (Speed)
Supporters To Trump: Break Campaign Promises At Your Peril (R.)
Trump Spells End of Normality for Europe (Spiegel)
Trump’s Rise Comes As No Surprise On England’s Disaffected East Coast (G.)
Oil Tankers Used to Store Millions of Barrels as Land Sites Fill (BBG)
Rupee Rage Grows In India as Property Prices Collapse Overnight (R.)
White House Gives Up On Passing TPP (Hill)
Obama To Speak In Favour Of Debt Relief During Nov 15 Visit to Greece (Amna)
President Obama Goes to Greece (TEI)
Financial Crisis Takes Huge Toll On Greeks’ Dental Hygiene (Kath.)
Greek Hospitals Scrounging For Cash (Kath.)





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