Jaded Green Fears


Sayonara Mekong Delta. Rice Bowl For The World.

Alex from Eco Shock Radio scared the fuckin piss outta me today with this link.

Changes in the plant world alone can drive us into a new greenhouse world

Here’s my take. Plants can betray us by changing the carbon cycle faster than humans. When rain forests go extinct and become grasslands they can quickly add another 300 ppm CO2 to the air. Now all this is happening with an oncoming 40% water demand/supply overshoot within 10-15 years.

The Tropics are changing from rain forests to drought stricken grasslands. This is very bad news because we now know ice caps will melt far faster than models predict, while at the same time oceans are losing oxygen faster than we thought. Speaking of Tropics, what about the Mekong Delta?, rice bowl to the world…

No delta area, not the mouths of the Ganges, the Nile or the Mississippi, is more vulnerable than the Mekong estuary to the predictable impacts of climate change.”
-David Brown (Hear it on Eco Shock Radio)

Sentinel-1 sees rice paddy drop in Mekong


Help Alex spread the news to Trumplandia, give him a gazillion dollars.








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