Your Sunday Morning Collapse

This is why the stock market went up on the news of climate change denying Trump becoming president elect. This is what we’re up against.

Trump Moving To Quit Paris Climate Agreement — Quickly

Canadian oil company to invest $50bn in Russian projects

‘US paying price for its ridiculous policy in Afghanistan’

Bill McKibben: Trump’s Presidency Comes When the Warming World Can Least Afford It

Trump’s Environmental Plans Spell Disaster

Rising European Fascists Welcome Trump Victory

Stupid Americans Elect An Absurd and Dangerous President (Spiegel)
Trump Adviser Scaramucci Takes Aim at Conservatives’ Budgetary Restraint (BBG)
Trump’s Truthful Heresy On Globalization And Free Trade (Steve Keen)
Clinton Blames FBI’s Comey For Her Defeat In Call With Donors (R.)
Sidney Blumenthal: Right-Wing FBI Agents Took Down Hillary In Coup D’État (ZH)
NY Times Publisher Vows To ‘Rededicate’ Paper To Reporting Honestly (Fox)
President Trump: How & Why… (Jonathan Pie)
Putin Aide: Trump Could Build Confidence With NATO Pullback (AP)
S&P Predicts Hard Brexit And Fresh Downgrade For UK (G.)
Obama: Greeks ‘Need Hope’ (Kath.)
Erdogan: If 3 Million Refugees March To Europe, EU Won’t Know What To Do (TM)
US To Accept Refugees That Australia Refuses To Resettle (BBC)

Media Collapse

New York Times’ Faux  Mea Culpa For  A Day
Then Back To The Steady Drone Of The War Drums
Knife Twisting

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