Friday’s Friday Morning Collapse


Fracking can cause earthquakes that last for months, study finds

The trouble with negative emissions

Floods Warn of Crisis Facing Trump and U.S.

US Intensified by Climate Change, ‘King Tides’ Change Ways of Life …

Why Trump, or Anyone for That Matter, Can’t End the War on Coal – Turns out that cheap natural gas and renewables are the real enemy of coal, not all those pesky regulations that fight asthma, black lung or climate change.

The North Pole is now in a death spiral

Alaska Sees ‘Astounding’ Rise in Temperature as ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Planned for Arctic

Canada gives $3.3bn subsidies to fossil fuel producers despite climate pledge

Antarctica’s Southern Ocean May No Longer Help Delay Global Warming

Climate study explores link between Arctic warming and extreme weather

Europe at risk of collapse; France, Germany must lead: French PM

Obama On Pace To Increase The Debt By Stunning $2.4 Trillion This Year

Volkswagen Is Cutting 30,000 Jobs

Synthetic Fentanyl is killing more Americans …
Human Rat Poison: instead of one day of relief you get a few hours, plus it’s poison, emergency personnel say they can’t reach fentanyl ODs in time.

Our 86 Billion Neurons: She Showed It   I think I cook, therefore I am or something

Climate change in pictures

For the first time in India, the rich beg the poor to help them

Snow leopard ‘rape’: what was really going on?

Inequality, Market Chaos and Angry Voters

Another reason to ditch brain training: A declining mind may make you wiser

The Indonesian fire play



The End of Globalization? (Spiegel)
Global Trade Is Slowing (BBG)
US Recovery Is Heading Towards Its Death: Albert Edwards (CNBC)
US Retail Sales, Ignorance & Return Reality (Roberts)
How “Dynamic Scoring” Could Justify A Debt Driven Keynesian Stimulus (BBG)
How US Federal Revenues Have Been Used To Steer The Economy In The Past (BBG)
Yellen: I’m Not Stepping Down Until My Term Is Done (CNBC)
Europe At Risk Of Collapse; France, Germany Must Lead – French PM (R.)
Renzi Renews Pledge To Resign If He Loses Referendum (
Italy Is The Next Country To Fall To Trumpism (David McWilliams)
EU Reinforces 2017 Budget On Migration And Jobs (EUO)
Kremlin Ramps Up Efforts To Crack Down On US Tech Companies (BBG)
Why the World Needs WikiLeaks (Sarah Harrison)
Another 100 Migrants Feared Drowned in Mediterranean (AFP)
The North Pole Is An Insane 36º Warmer Than Normal As Winter Descends (WaPo)



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