Your Sunday Morning Collapse

Extinction Crisis Signals It’s Time to Change Course

‘Unprecedented’: More than 100 million trees dead in California

Is the Boreal Forest on the Edge of a Climate Change Tipping Point?

Shocking Photos Show China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Is Drying Up Fast

The last three Octobers are the warmest on record in 136 years of modern record-keeping, according to a monthly analysis of global temperatures by scientists at NASA

Rates of Hothouse Gas Accumulation Continue to Spike as the Amazon Rainforest Bleeds Carbon

Crazy Cryosphere: Record Low Sea Ice, An Overheated Arctic, and a Snowbound Eurasia

Aleppo’s last hospital destroyed by airstrikes

No country on target for 2°C world

US climate commitment ‘irreversible’, Francois Hollande warns …

VIDEO: Generals sound alarm over climate change

Record Number of Fur Seals Washing Up Dead or Emaciated Off California Coast

IMF explaining its own contribution in destroying South Europe

Italy’s Government on Verge of collapse: Next Trumpian Domino to Fall?

“Jerusalem Mayor Threatens to Demolish ‘Hundreds’ of Palestinian Homes if Illegal Settlement Evacuated

Peak & Decline of International Reserves: Massive Asset Deflation Ahead (SRSR)
“Developed Countries’ Currencies Solely Driven By Politics” (CNBC)
How A Universal Basic Income Would Transform Society (Agnos)
End London’s Role as a Clearing-House for Dirty Money (G.)
Europe’s Leaders To Force Britain Into Hard Brexit (O.)
Italy’s Crisis Turns into a Multi-Headed Hydra (DQ)
Italian Banks ‘Not Necessarily Bankrupt’ But Awfully Close (NYT)
‘Political Amateurs Are Conquering The World’ – Beppe Grillo (EN)
Bruegel Institute Chief: 4th Bailout Seems Inevitable for Greece (GR)
Slovenia Adds Water To Constitution As Fundamental Right For All (AFP)
EU Ministers At Odds Over Immigration, No Compromise In Sight (R.)
Pentagon and Intelligence Chiefs Urge Obama To Remove NSA Chief (WaPo)
Obama Claims He Cannot Pardon Snowden but He Knows That’s Not True (TD)





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