Your Monday Morning Collapse – Fake News Version


Astute Point Moot –

Now let me see if I got this right, we have guaranteed the death of life on earth because gays and white trash hate each other, all while we kill the oceans and lands so fast we guarantee unstoppable runaway mass extinction within 20 years. And while that point’s moot, I’m not a stoot, nor do I think I wanna be.

Neoliberalism’s Epic Fail: The Reaction to Hillary Clinton’s Loss Exposed the Impotent Elitism of Liberalism

Police Officer On LSD Attempts To Save Anti-Masturbation Dolphin Mascot From Imaginary Fire

167 DAPL protesters injured in altercations with N. Dakota police – reports

Water rationing introduced as Bolivia drought worsens

Extinction Crisis Signals It’s Time to Change Course – As the human population continues to increase, animal numbers are falling.

If Climate Change Escalates It Could Be “Game Over” Scientist Warn

New study: Deforestation has chaotic impact on temperature, climate

Donald Trump actually has very little control over green energy and climate change

California drought update: It’s still bad. How bad? According to the U.S. Forest Service, 102 million goddamn trees have now died in the state since 2010, including 62 million trees in this year alone.

Smog kills more than 400 people in Iran’s capital Tehran

Yet another important underwater ecosystem could soon be wiped out

Lichens are an early warning system for forest health

Climate change’s odd effect on volcanoes

‘Magnitude of challenge’ in 2050 climate strategy may not be fully …

The Mainstream Media Has Only Itself To Blame For The “Fake News” Epidemic

India’s Currency Exchange Gamble and the Curse of Cash The Wire

Mosul offensive: Iraqi battle to take city from ISIS prompts fears of more sectarian violence

Riderless Motorcycles Could Replace Human Meter Maids

Drugs Are Killing More Americans Than Road Crashes

Beppe Grillo: “The Amateurs Are Conquering The World Because The ‘Experts’ Destroyed It”

Japan Exports Drop 13th Month By 10.3%, Imports Down 22nd Month By 16.5% (WSJ)
Negative Rates Are Failing to Halt Savings Obsession in Europe (BBG)
More Than 1 in 3 European Workers Have Difficulty Making Ends Meet (ETUC)
Now it Begins to Unravel (WS)
Former UBS, Credit Suisse CEO: “A Recession Is Sometimes Necessary” (ZH)
Big Shock In France’s Presidential Election As Sarkozy Eliminated (BBG)
The EU’s New Bomb Is Ticking in the Netherlands (WSJ)
APEC Summit Closes With Call for More Globalization, Free Trade (AP)
Obama Says World Leaders Want To Move Forward With TPP (AFP)
The Grey Champion Assumes Command – Part 1 (Quinn)
The Silver Lining In This Disaster: Clinton & Co Are Finally Gone (G.)
Disaffected Rust Belt Voters Embraced Trump. They Had No Other Hope (G.)
Tsipras Ready To Give In On Labor Reform To Ensure Debt Relief (Kath.)


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