Your Tuesday Morning Collapse: Eco Sex Edition


Ecosexuals have sex with earth because they want to save it
Meanwhile, back in crazy land

Instant Noodles Use More Palm Oil Than Any Other Food
Nothing like a good cuppa instant noodles after earth shattering sex

Peruvian Melka group palm oil production company withdraws from RSPO
RSPO = cross my fingers and hope to die

How washing your clothes harms the environment

New York City Unliveable By 2085

Over-fertilization diminishes the biodiversity of global grasslands

Amazon oil spill impacts indigenous villages on Teles Pires River

Why the global coral bleaching event that began in 2014 may just keep going and going

Temperatures soar, sea ice hits record lows at North and South Poles

Global Warming in the Arctic: A Sensitive Climate Gone Off the Rails

The Climate Apocalypse Has Already Arrived for People Living in The Arctic

U.S. record heat poised to outpace record cold by factor of 15 late this century

Thunder Storm Asthma Strikes Melbourne

$100 Billion Chinese-Made City Near Singapore ‘Scares the Hell Out of Everybody’

How India’s Cash Chaos Is Shaking Everyone From Families to Banks

Demonetisation resulted in chaos and loss of trust in govt: Lawrence Summers

The Rise Of Slime: Runaway Algae Imbalances = Dams + Pollution + Climate Change
Algae Research = International Security Imperative #1

Highs Set to Outpace Lows With Warming

Donald Trump To Withdraw From TPP On First Day In Office (G.)
Fed Should Allow “Elephant Size Quantitative Eurodollar Easing” (BBG)
China May Have To Float The Yuan If Tighter Capital Controls Fail (BBG)
Eurozone Nations Turn To Hedge Funds To Meet Borrowing Needs (R.)
Goldman: How Corporations Will Spend Their Huge Piles of Overseas Cash (BBG)
Why Free Trade Doesn’t Work for the Workers – Steve Keen (ET)
Boo-Hoo (Jim Kunstler)
Top Network Executives, Anchors Meet With Donald Trump (CNN)
Trump Is ‘Just The President’ – Snowden (AFP)
Nigel Farage Would Be Great UK Ambassador To US – Trump (G.)
Richard Branson To Bankroll Secret Blairite Campaign To Stop Brexit (Ind.)
Brexit Vote Wiped $1.5 Trillion Off UK Household Wealth In 2016 (G.)
Merkel’s ‘Days Are Numbered’, Warns France’s Le Pen (CNBC)
Greek Doctors Continue To Emigrate In Large Numbers (Kath.)
Why Don’t We Grieve For Extinct Species? (G.)


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