My Thursday Morning Collapse


Lost In Space While Killing Time.
WARNING: Space Time Curves Ahead!

When I was young, I used to try meditating while staring at a candle, if I relaxed my mind and froze my eyes, my whole field of vision turned white. It was like performance art rap, you have to just do it, not think about it. As soon as I thought about something, my eye would shift and the whole white out would disappear. As you can see, we didn’t have electronic pocket candles in those days. The video screen is one of the few devices that can hold your eye still for a while, we call it zeroed in now. When I was young, we called it zoned out. It’s kinda like present presence, or something.

Yep, stare into the mind too long, it stares back. Moving on…

The prehistoric megalithic evidence clearly shows that humans had a source of clean energy that allowed them to move 100 ton rocks around like they were toys. After the great Younger Dryas human die off of 12,900 and 11,700 years ago, our surviving ancestors went back to relying on fire to do the heavy work of energy. We had to invent agriculture and writing all over again. Kinda like what we are doing now, but in reverse, meaning we are unlearning agriculture and writing. When smart phones collapse, so will our ability to write. Can you imagine harvesting without a smartphone?  Let’s drift on without thinking…

Earth went into a mega-quick ice age 12,900 years ago. This mini-ice age lasted for 1,000 years. Then earth went into a mega-quick meltdown 11,700 years ago. This was the great flood that killed off our first civilization over 10,000 years ago. I just make this up as I go along but I see less evidence against it than I do for it. We collapsed before, and we are entering our second and final collapse. Thinking… oops!

They found an underground lake on mars about the size of Lake Superior. Mars used to have an atmosphere but it got blowed away during a violent magnetic pole flip. Since Mars is only a quarter the size of earth, its atmosphere just drifted off into space a couple billion years ago. We on earth are entering a magnetic pole flip at the same time we see an increase in oxygen loss from oceans and trees. Trees are now dying off faster than we cut them. My hyperbole is likely temporary. Food and water shortages means we will cut more trees than noses to spite our face. The intensification of short term need will crush long term necessity. There’s too much money to be made off hunger and thirst. Just see the last Mad Max movie. Drifting…

The earth is entering a magnetic field meltdown as we speak. It’s so bad we have to power down satellites over the south Atlantic ocean. Tropical eastern Americas will burn from the sun. The good news is that the sun’s been snoozing lately. Yet we still refuse to harden transformer stations. We have way more chance of loosing electric power from the sun than we do from an asteroid hit.

Everything is divided. We are stuck. We are not going to live in a green socialist paradise. We are not going to get rich from war while ‘saving’ the planet either. We don’t have time for the current paradigm. Like a deer in the head lights, we are stuck in a frozen narrative. We refuse to make the hard choices because of idiots like Krugman or Ol’ Yellen.

Everything is divided, there are climate scientists who want to sound the alarm, and there climate scientist pseudo-optimists. They imagine themselves in an epic battle that can go on forever like some endless morality play. It is this kind of frozen narrative that will guarantee mass extinction.

We are stuck in the early manageable stages of pre-collapse. We are going to war. Just not in the way we each think. Sometimes I think we are all too stupid to live. We cannot even discuss reality, let alone act on it. If reality is top secret, someone should send a copy to WikiLeaks. As, you can see, I haven’t had a drink for a while. I can’t wait for Saturday, when my son heads back to the city. Sunday will be a doozy.

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