A Climate Science Wish List

1.5.pngIf I was a climate scientist, this is what I would wish for!

Fake News Or Propaganda?
I’m so mad I could spit!

Zero Deforestation By 2020s
Is he on drugs? To achieve any significant bio negative-carbon energy, we need 1 billion acres of new farmland, that’s about the size of India and about 50% of the arable land on earth. Just to feed humanity for 50 years, we need 12 million acres of new soil every year for 30 years, but we are losing 24 million acres of soil each year. To get 100% renewable electricity, we would need new land about the size of Argentina just for the bio-energy component. Where will this new land come from? Forests, that’s where. Northern Europe gets 50% of it renewable energy burning wood pellets from around the world.

No Gas Cars By 2035
If 3 of your neighbours all plug in electric cars at night, they’ll likely blow the neighborhood transformer box. Switching electric power generation to renewable energy will take 50 years and mega-tons of emissions. Adding cars to the electric system will require additional trillions of dollars and take decades to accomplish.

Best Practice In Agriculture
I almost choked on my toast laughing when I read this. Cows and humans have caused 80% of land species extinctions. We are burning rainforests just to feed cows and pigs all over the world. Indonesia’s rainforests will soon be all gone thanks to palm oil, which Europeans burn in cars. China’s pigs eat half the soy grown in South America each year. When people think humanity will stop eating meat and wasting food to save the planet, then they are childishly naïve.

Zero Emissions Buildings
This is like the zero point energy rage of a few years ago. In 30 years, 80% of humanity will crowd into cities and 75% of the infrastructure they require does not exist. Buildings account for 50% of human emissions. Water demand will soon exceed supply. Most of these new urban people will be very young. Can you imagine the chaos?

No New Coal Plants
Yeah, like that never gets old. Besides, new coal plants won’t count if we use the magic of Carbon Capture & Storage. I call this lateral magical thinking. Coal plants are being replaced by natural gas plants. If natural gas is a bridge to the future, then we are burning that bridge right now, along with the hospitals, schools, women and children in Aleppo. The reason we are killing women and children in Syria is so that the Saudis and Qataris can get rich selling gas to Europe. You know, the same Europe where these ivory tower assholes write this shit.


Glass Half Full: Do you see coal demand going up 30% in 25 years?

Analysis: IEA cuts coal growth outlook in half as China peaks


Final Fantasy
Climate scientists are like the news media, they live in an abstract unreal world. They don’t live in the real world. They fly in jets and live in hotels. Yes, you can add 2 billion plus 2 billion to equal 4 billion, but you can’t even get 10 people to do the right thing, let alone 6 billion people. Whenever these guys write this elitist shit, I just picture the bombed out hospitals in Aleppo, while the executive director of Greenpeace flies to yet another climate conference. You cannot fly in airplanes and not believe in your own bullshit, that you are making a difference.

Without 100% private carbon tax dividend credits in a new world e-currency, we’re fucked. Nation states are predatory capitalists that only a new world carbon currency can circumvent. Whoops! There I go again, indulging in yet more elitist bullshit fantasy.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

Elephant Refugees Flee to Last Stronghold in Africa – A national park in Botswana is struggling to support the staggering number of animals fleeing from poaching in other countries.

“Nothing Short of a Slaughter”: 1 Million Syrians in Aleppo Under Siege With No Hospital, Food

Is The World Running Out Of Water? Bolivia Declares National Emergency Amid Drought

Brace yourself, the polar vortex is shifting – ScienceAlert

FDA Stops Testing for Glyphosate as New Report Finds High Levels Are Found in Food – The pesticide, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, has been classified as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Climate change happening ‘too fast’ for plant and animal species to adapt

Overheated Arctic sign of climate change ‘vicious circle’

Damming the Salween: what next for Southeast Asia’s last great free-flowing river?

Palm oil culprits apprehended in the Leuser Ecosystem. Who sent them?

Damming the Salween: what next for Southeast Asia’s last great free-flowing river?

Land-use change and management failures in China lead to significant amounts of carbon emissions: Study

Tigers face ‘unprecedented’ threat from transport projects: WWF

Melting Arctic sea ice could be about start uncontrollable global …

India’s Money Launderers Soil Modi’s ‘Spring Cleaning’ of Cash

Paramilitary chaos reigns in the Middle East

How Social Media Helps Dictators

Reddit CEO Caught Secretly Editing User Comments, Chatlogs Leaked [Update]
Gizmodo. Oh well, there goes the neighborhood.

America’s Trade Advantage: Large Deficits (Pettis)
All Aboard Post-TPP World (Escobar)
The Bank of Japan Can’t Keep Stores From Cutting Prices (BBG)
China Banking Regulator Wrestles With $2.9 Trillion Off-Balance Sheet WMPs (R.)
China Central Bank Warns Against Outflows Disguised As Investment (R.)
ECB Says It Can Shield Eurozone From Global Finance Instability (BBG)
The Snowball of Debt (HowMuch/VC)
Russia to OPEC: Oil Freeze Is All You Get
Germany, 15 Other Countries Press For Arms Control Deal With Russia (R.)
Fillon Calls Hollande’s Hardline Policy On Russia ‘Absurd’ (EuA)
EU Parliament President Martin Schulz to Step Down, Run Against Merkel (WSJ)
Increasingly Rapid Ice Melt Could Trigger Uncontrollable Climate Change (G.)
Erdogan Threatens To Open Borders To Refugees After EU Vote (AFP)
Refugees Torch Lesbos Camp After Gas Explosion Kills Two (AFP)




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