Your Saturday Morning Collapse – Lite

‘Nowhere on earth safe’ from climate change as survival challenge grows

A ‘sapphire rush’ has sent at least 45,000 miners into Madagascar’s protected rainforests

Scientists Worry About Planet Beset by Global Warming, Trump

Why Eating Fish Is Worse Than You Thought

Amid rapid change, major Arctic study highlights need to prepare for surprises

Perils of global warming could swamp coastal real estate – ‘The water always wins’

Peru rainforest lost to illegal gold mining eclipses 10 Manhattans

Warning of Global Havoc as Possible Arctic ‘Tipping Points’ Pile Up

Climate Change Has Left Bolivia Crippled by Drought Scribbles

Stratfor: China’s Economy is Living on Borrowed Time

Erdogan threatens to let 3m refugees into Europe Financial Times.

World Bank: Only 10 percent of Gazans have access to safe drinking water

Houses Have Never Been More Expensive To Buyers Who Need A Mortgage (Hanson)
Black Friday: The Death of Department Stores (WS)
US Payday Lenders Seek Emergency Court Help Against Regulators (R.)
When Money Dies (Bhandari)
Here’s What Happened When Ancient Romans Tried To ‘Drain The Swamp’ (Black)
Innovation Is Overvalued. Maintenance Matters More (Aeon)


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