The Infinite Mind Fuck


Let’s do a thought experiment. I’m going to imagine that everything the fake liberal press says is true. Okay… let’s see..? Naomi Klein! If we just help the Rockefellers with their renewable energy plans, we’ll grow the economy with a green energy infrastructure boom that outpaces the fossil economy 6 to 1. Yah Baby!!! She says all these jobs will be unionized. Yah!!! 8 weeks vacation, here we come! From as near as I can tell, we’ll all be riding bikes and trains, while elites tool about in electric cars. Yah Baby!!! I love social engineering, it’s fun! Oh yeah! Nuclear power will just go away because of all the shiny solar panels and wind turbines. Yah Baby! Fuck!!! I like being a liberal. It’s cool. Wait, here’s the best part. Ha, ha, ha… sorry, but this cracks me up. We’re are going to stop throwing out food and eating meat and strip mining the soil for grains. Oh yeah, we’re all going to grow organic food in skyscrapers. We’re going to put windmills in rising seas, and solar panels in drought stricken deserts. Genius!!! Wow, being a liberal is just what I imagine a DMT hallucination is like. Cool! It’s like taking a trip and never leaving the farm. Oh wait a minute, I almost forgot, we’re going to drive those electric cars on solar powered roads. Ho ho ho!!!! I’m sorry I gotta stop, my stomach hurts from laughing. I would pretend to think like a conservative, but that’s just too crazy and even I won’t go there. Sorry, I almost forgot, we’re going live on Mars!!! I think the plan is to terraform Mars to provide oxygen before we run out here. We’re like inter-planetary gonorrhea. Wow, I feel spent and want a cigarette.


4 thoughts on “The Infinite Mind Fuck

  1. So many people I know would read this and not get the joke. I don’t know what their brains would register as they read it, but it wouldn’t be humor.

    How insane is that? We can look at these words and see how totally absurd it is, absolutely bat-shit crazy, but the educated, intelligent person next to me could read the same words and think all of those things are possible. Not just possible, but inevitable!

    Thank God for the internet, enabling the few sane people in the world to find one another…

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