Your Monday Morning Collapse

Truth Is The New Hate Crime

Our government is blowing up hospitals, schools, women and children over in Syria to help the Arabs build a gas pipeline to Europe. Do you want to know why elites engage in Satanic cults? Because it promises them ‘eternal’ youth and extreme sexual pleasure before they die.  It’s a commitment to a prolonged intensity of life over common decency and morals. They naturally believe themselves superior. To keep us from noticing, they heighten identity and class politics into opposing ideologies. They use the mass media to do this. They pitch crotchety ol’ fucks like me against the ever growing youth. Youth think green positive rainbow unicorn thoughts, and old fucks like me obsess over death, blood and destruction. Gays and rednecks should get over themselves and focus on what’s really important, purging elites. It’s up to gays to close the gap, cuz rednecks are too stupid. But that’s not enough, we need something more, and nothing heals wounds like money. And nothing will unite gays and rednecks like money. Money is the ultimate click bait.

The reason elites must be purged is because they are seditiously destroying outdated institutional organizations with treason and fraud. This fraud is based on notions of privacy, which is another joke of a story for another time. The way to purge them is to take back the credit and currency of the world from elites and give it to people all over the world at the same time. We can start a new world e-currency based on carbon tax dividends ( 100% for you, 0% for governments and corporations ). It’s like a guaranteed income for the whole world that gets phased in over 10 years. Imagine getting hassle free international e-credits deposited to your phone each month. James Hansen cites studies that say carbon tax dividends are the quickest and most efficient way to reduce emissions. The reason we put these tax dividends in a new world e-currency is to reduce emissions simultaneously worldwide on an equitable basis. It’s like a capitalist/socialist hybrid. Confession: this idea was inspired by reefer madness.

Do you remember what I said about what divides us? It’s important because no one likes James Hansen’s second idea, which is that we have to double down on nuclear power. I can hear the black lights flicker on in your head. Nuclear power is not just like a mental switch you turn off because you don’t like it. It’s consequences cannot be ignored. James Hansen says that new nuclear technology can clean up our nuclear waste to make it safer and cheaper to store. The U.S. has 300 years worth of energy they can get from nuclear waste. We have no choice here. We have to clean up nuclear waste. We can’t just turn it off in our heads. It’s too dark in there.

Now, I’m sure being gay or redneck is important to you, but like I said, get over it.

Zinc Explodes With Lead in Surge to Highest Level in Nine Years
No zinc, no green energy nirvana.

“Governments Are Running Out Of Excuses” Paul Craig Roberts Exposes “The Western War On Truth”

Bolivian water crisis as glaciers vanish

‘Korea’s Trump’ Rises in Polls as Voter Anger Fuels Populism: ‘Lee Jae-myung wants to break up the country’s biggest companies, meet unconditionally with NK leader Kim Jong Un, and throw President Park Geun-hye in jail over an influence-peddling scandal.’

UK’s Tory promise to plant 11 million trees by 2020 set to be broken after just one tenth planted

UK Government Uses Aid Money to Back Oil Drilling in UNESCO World Heritage Site: ‘The Foreign Office pledged thousands of pounds in aid to support drilling in Lake Malawi, where the UN warns that a spill could wreck the fragile ecosystem’

Thousands Flee Aleppo, Syria As Army Advances

West Antarctic ice shelf breaking up from the inside out

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters vow to stay put despite Army Corps’ order

Nestle is using the DAPL protest as a distraction to steal all of Michigan’s water. Please bring attention to this!!

Nestlé and Coca-Cola Attempt to Block National Parks From Banning Bottled Water Sales: Plastic bottles are a huge part of the waste littering America’s national parks.

Amid a media blackout of the Standing Rock protests, law enforcement targets the rare journalists on the scene

Though water shortages have yet to drastically change most people’s lifestyles, southerners are beginning to realize that they’ll need to save their drinking supplies with no end in sight to an eight-month drought

Over 100 Million Trees Have Died in California’s Drought – More than 60 million trees have died this year alone—an increase of more than 100% compared to last year.

We Think Our Shores Are Stable, But They Are Not

Perils of Climate Change Could Swamp Coastal Real Estate

China is the largest fishing power in West Africa


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