Contards + Libtards = No PizzaGate

Revenge Of The Contards! Ya have to do the real dirty to get put in charge.

If you google-bing “police officer charged with child porn” you will get 1 zillion hits.

If you watch this next video link you will see that pedophilia has taken over our command infrastructure and is a clear and present danger to civilization.

Alex  Jones Show + PizzaGate = Contard
The Young Turks + PizzaGate = Libtard

For once, they agree, cover up PizzaGate.

Contard + Libtard = Retard

If you like the ridiculously retarded version, watch this TYT video.


If Joe Biden ever fondled the nuclear button the way he handles prepubescent girls, we’d be fucked.



Cities of the future will absorb 2 billion new people over the next 30 years and 75% of the infrastructure they need does not exist. These cities are expanding over the best farmlands that we need to feed them. These cities are on ocean fronts that will face extreme storms and floods over the same time period.
The croplands that grow our grains are blowing and washing away in the more extreme weather we now face, while what remains behind is bleached of nutrients and life. We will lose half our soil in 30 years. We will lose this soil in times of more extreme drought, floods and heavier rains. In other words, we will lose our soil faster as time moves forward.
We are draining cropland aquifers at the same time they face more drought. To combat this, we require more land, but we are actually losing land twice as fast as we need to increase it to survive. We are destroying human habit 2 times faster than we need to increase it to survive.
Twenty years ago, energy used to come from a small pipe in the ground, now it comes from massive fields of solar panels and wind mills. South Korea doesn’t have enough land for 100% solar and wind power. Humanity would need land about the size of Argentina for the vast algae ponds needed for bio-energy. We would also need a billion acres of new land for the bio-energy capture and storage fantasy put out by the Europeans. These are the same Europeans who subsidize burning the world’s wood for 50% of their “renewable” energy and they do not count those emissions. These are the same Europeans who burn palm oil in their diesel cars and lie about those emissions too. These are the same people who say we will grow vegetables in skyscrapers.
These are the same Europeans who have institutionalized nuclear war and pedophilia. They have created a currency based on political fantasy and lead the world in banking fraud, so that while the U.S. started the financial collapse, the Europeans will finish it, along with our planet and our children. Nordic banks suckered Mediterranean banks that threaten to split the union.
Do you know why all the women and kids are dying in Syria? Because the Arabs and Persians are fighting over who will build a natural gas pipeline to Europe through Syria. The same Syrian refugees causing all the political blowback in Europe. They are all fucking crazy. If you think racial fascism can’t rise again in Europe, you are sadly mistaken. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the neocons and neo-liberals were behind this atrocity of civilization. They are fucking evil. But then again, driving the world to war is still much easier than herding cats.
Why do the Bushes walk free? Why does Tony Blaire?
Why do the cooks have black and white checkered outfits in Spielberg’s BFG?  It’s because the Queens eats children for breakfast silly.

Machiavellian Pedophilia: The Post-Truth Sexual Revolution

FBI Whistleblower Explains Only Judges With The Most Skeletons In Their Closets Get Chosen Because They Are Easier To Blackmail ( starts @ 1:43 )
The problem with Machiavellian Pedophilia is fear of its logical conclusion. It’s too evil.
After Machiavellian politics spread from Florence by the 1600s, some heretic Jews got the idea of salvation through hedonistic sin. This idea also spread like wildfire. This happened when the Popes started borrowing money from Florence to build its cathedrals. It was at this time the Countess Elizabeth Báthory, 1560-1604, began bathing in the blood of virgins to stay young. So now we got Occult Machiavellian Pedo-Politics proliferating with the Renaissance. Machiavellian political pedophilia grew quickly throughout church & royalty to quickly end up in Victorian England and America.
In Roman days, elite pedophilia was allowed, so no blackmail. Children were married younger back then. Since the age of consent is now 18 when it should be 16, an illegal demand is created exactly in the same manner that prohibition and the drug war created illegal demand. Children are maturing younger and need better supervision but economics denies that.  If we cannot solve human sexuality, society will collapse and guns will be the law. After that civilization will collapse and the machete will be law.
Do you remember the JFK assassination? Who cares? Because it’s over 50 years old and nothing was ever done about it.
Do you remember 911? Who cares? Because it’s over 15 years old and nothing was done about it.
Do you remember PizzaGate? Who cares? Because it’s over 15 days old and nothing is done about it.
The reason that Alifantis and Podesta appeared on the MSM is to make us feel, weak and ineffectual, and to make elites appear strong and reassured. It’s all done now, finished, it’s over and will be forgotten for another several years, because without revolution the cycle only starts again.

Hi Tek Pedos

A facebook executive got busted in pedo sting operation

Graig’s List founder offers one million bucks to stop the pizzagate investigation.

Peter Thiel consumes the blood of young people.

#PizzaGate Images BANNED From YouTube HD


YouTube Pedo Culture Comes of Age

That’s right folks YouTube pedo culture is here, and instead of Pizza for 2017, it’s yoga, specifically young teenish girl yoga. The new kiddie soft core channels have the word “yoga” in them like, yoga challenge bikini, or some guy named James Robinson.

Check out the comments in the following video by Joe Villagomez and Couple Yoga Challenge:

In this day and age, we can have as much soft core pedo porn as we want on twitter and youtube. This stuff is open, is now and is your life now, this is us. But, if you say one thing loosely defined as bad on twitter and youtube – you’re out in 3 strikes.


Pentagon Child Porn, 911 And Global Collapse

In 2006, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency produced a list of 5,200 Pentagon employees suspected of viewing child pornography and asked the Pentagon to review it. The Pentagon only checked 2/3 of the names, 3,500 people, and convicted only a handful of employees. Since they couldn’t be sure who actually downloaded the porn on which computers within the Pentagon, they quietly declined to check the remaining 1,700 names. I’m certain the remaining 1,700 names have the highest ranks. That was 10 years ago.  The investigation is ongoing, meaning no one can talk about it, and should last at least another 50 years, if we have that long. The Pentagon has no problem bombing woman and children and is the number one driver of collapse.

In 2006, Al Gore famously informed the world of global warming. In 2016, the U.S. now ships 1 million tons of wood per month to Europe where they burn it to produce 50% of what they call “Green Energy”. They subsidize the cost of shipping that wood with what they call “Carbon Tax Credits”. The emissions that come from the wood that is burned to produce this electricity is not counted because it is called “Green Energy”. So Europe doesn’t  count 50% of the emissions they get from “Green Energy”. The Europeans also burn palm oil and soy oil in their diesel cars and lie abut the emissions.

Half of all child porn originates in the U.S. It is a $2 billion dollar per year industry that is run by state and federal prosecutors, police and politicians. This shouldn’t be a surprise in a country that killed over 3,000 of its own citizens on 911.

If we cannot honestly discuss 911, child porn and global collapse, how can we avoid doom? We can’t, and that is why I know with 100% certainty that we WILL collapse. Please forgive my brief lapse into lucidity.


Type the following into Google, “police officer arrested for child porn”




What’s Too Good To Be True?

The #1 Cause of Collapse!

Irreconciliation of the majority of the alt-right with LGBQT planned parenthood policies and pedophilia. This is exactly what leads to environmental social discord, denial and collapse. Collapse is in our heads. It starts there and ends with a dead planet.

These media echo chambers divide us because we only like to hear the sounds we like. They isolate opposition from debate and negotiation.

We logically have to provide free abortions, birth control, drug treatment and pedophilia education treatment and prevention. This is how the war mongers divide and destroy us.

It seems likely that pedophilia runs at the same percent of the population as predilection to drug abuse, or mental illness.

Child Pornography: A Clear And Present Danger

It seems that drug abuse and pedophilia are health issues that require serious attention for society to function. There are 5,000 child porn accounts in the Pentagon, that’s 1,000 per side. They’re trying to bury the investigation because of overwhelming blackmail. This can literally destroy the Pentagon. Child porn is now a national security threat from inside the Pentagon. You can’t make this shit up! These people want your money to bomb kids. This is happening because an inability to talk to outside positions. It’s childishly unbelievable.


The Social Arc Of Collapse

There are 2 driving visions of the world, the young techno-positive and the old cynical-negative.


We are going to live in a post-human, eco-urban, bio-energy, hi-tech, sex and racial paradise and our energy transition is proceeding accordingly. This isn’t true.


We have been lied to about oil and energy since the 1980s when OPEC hid and exaggerated their oil reserve data. We are now being lied to about green energy transition efficiency. We are pushing electronic consumerism while ignoring soil, water and habitat degradation. Soil degradation means not only that our soil is blowing and washing away, but the soil that remains is increasingly lifeless and poisonous. Increasing consumer and energy demand mean more resources go to the rich. This increasing resource disparity reveals itself through increased human trafficking and slavery. Indentured and outright slavery is increasing.

The oil boom of the 1960s helped reduce domestic slavery during a time of plenty and cheap energy. We will never run out of oil, we will run out of cheap oil. Life is cheap, and cheap life more abundant. Some say the peak oil Giant will awaken next year with a mighty roar. Some say 2025. Doesn’t matter.

The reason we can ignore things like 5,000 Pentagon computers with child porn on them is because we are all hard-wired to have children, and not all hard-wired to raise them. Five thousand child porn computers means about 1,000 for each side of the Pentagon. They’ve only successfully investigated 70 cases so far because they are using blackmail to bury the vast majority of the cases. These are the same people who lost over a trillion bucks in accounting errors and who sell the weapons that kill women and children all over the earth. So now we have it, resource scarcity and increased violence.

On the left hand, we will run out of soil, water, trees, fish, food, clement weather, fertilizers and cheap energy and safe habitat long before we can effect a 100% clean energy transformation.

On the right hand, we are entering a mass refugee crises of epic proportions, social disintegration and unlimited violence. We are literally selling and giving the guns away to the people who will come to kill us, even within our own country.