The Death Of Andrew Breitbart


Apes Display Dominance By Flinging Poo.

Andrew Breibart accused John Podesta of being a pedophile operative in the tweets listed below. This was probably in response to the Haiti child trafficking bust of U.S. citizens who abducted children in Haiti and who were defended by a lawyer with an Interpol child trafficking record. Didn’t Uma Abedin update Podesta in a WikiLeaks email on the criminal defense status?

These children were stolen from their parents who were alive. The abductors claimed they were going to open an orphanage in The Dominican Republic, but had filed no paperwork there. Wikleaks 29 shows Bill Clinton tried to defend them.

Do you remember the recent Pizza Comet comment about Haitian pizza? What I find most upsetting about this are the vile sources I have to wade through to find this story out. The Young Jerks, The Humanist Report, Secular Talk and even Jimmy Dore aren’t going to touch this, and I don’t blame them. This is the same reason why the media won’t investigate.

I know the amateur media reporters posting on this do not get everything right, but when you throw enough shit at the wall, sometimes something sticks. Just call me a tribal shit splatter expert. This shit storm is a Polanski masterpiece of epic proportions. Most of these amateur media reporters are right wing nuts, anathema to left wing nuts like myself. But like I said, the left is NOT touching this. I can hear their lefty sphincters tightening even now. Not even a fart. Just as I think it immoral to deny climate change, collapse and mass extinction, so too do I think it wrong to stay quiet on this. Shame on you lefty.

Andrew Breibart Tweets

“Feb 2, 2011 – Early on did John Podesta imagine his baby [Media Matters, linked to James Alifantis] be covering up for underage sex slave ops and HB crimes against blacks.

Feb 4, 2011 – How pro-guru John Podesta isn’t a household name  as world class underage sex slave op cover-uperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.

Feb 28, 2011 – How much longer until they kill me (‘heart attack’ or ‘car accident’) or frame me for a crime? Read me while you can.”

The very next day, on Feb 29, 2011, Andrew Breibart died from a heart attack. The doctor who did the preliminary autopsy died a few hours later from arsenic poisoning.

#PizzaGate Andrew Breitbart’s Coroner Died of Arsenic Poisoning Right After Autopsy Release! (go to 3:56)

WIKILEAKS SHOCK: CLINTONS in HAITI, CHILD Stealing with CONVICTED Child Abductor. ( go to 4:06)

WIKILEAKS 29 JUST RELEASED: Bill Clinton Defended Child Traffickers In Haiti. FBI Probing Clinton ( go to 5:33 )



Cave man 1 – Hey look is that shit?

Cave man 2 – Doesn’t feel like shit, doesn’t smell like shit, doesn’t taste like shit.

Cave man 1 – Good thing we didn’t step in it.






One thought on “The Death Of Andrew Breitbart

  1. EtyerePetyere says:

    This is all a wasted effort on speculating of some politicians being pedophiles and satanic worshipers . There is a certain %age of the population being pedophile . That will be your neighbor who is banging his daughter (you would wonder how often that happens ) or your other neighbor who is just jerking of to looking at little boys penises pictures they are all around certain %age of the population just is of course also some politicians nothing out of the ordinary some dysfunction in a dysfunctional society there are other dysfunctions drugs alcohol whatnot to claim that there is some cabal of all politicians fucking and sacrificing kids is also a dysfunction of the mind holding unto outlandish conspiracy theories


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