Wool Gathered Sheep Shearings So Far

Monica Petersen, a young woman assistant in charge of Human Trafficking for the government in Washington, was killed in Haiti before the election while investigating the Clinton connection to a pedophilia ring there. Her death is ruled a suicide – with no body. It’s highly likely you didn’t know this because of media collusion. The NYT is majority owned by a telecom don in Mexico, he’s the riches guy in the world (worth $60 billion) and connected to Mexico’s south east cartel. Hillary Clinton’s brother won a sweetheart backroom gold mine lease in Haiti that uses human trafficked labor in substandard conditions. Gold-Black-Slaves. This is how you rape a whole country, the kids are just a sideline. Pedophilia is pandemic now thanks to the dark web and child abductions are 400% higher than average in the Washington area.

When Clinton pal Laura Silsby was caught smuggling 33 ‘orphans’ out of Haiti, 22 of whom had parents, she claimed to be opening an orphanage in the Dominican Republic but no record of it exists. The guy they sent to defend her has an Interpol pedophilia record. The first thing Clinton did upon her arrival in Haiti was to get Silsby off the hook. Clinton can only get away with this because of media collusion.

Within weeks of tweet shaming Podesta accusing him of being a Pedophilia Operative, and within one day of him dying of a heart attack, Andrew Breibart predicted his murder by heart attack in a final fatal tweet.

Just as environmental activists die, so too do anti-pedophilia activists, but without the fanfare.

The Art of Bullshit

From as near as I can tell, paid trolls ask why hasn’t anyone come forward? The answer I hear is that the children are sexually abused and killed for black market body parts and the perceived health benefits of child blood transfusions. I know some crazy rich people would be crazy enough to eat them at spirit dinners. It’s one of those – it’s so crazy it could be true – things. I do not underestimate the stupid greed of rich crazy people.

The other story I hear is not that politicians are pedophiles, it’s that pedophiles become politicians because they are easier to control. In this crazy twisted world, that would make good business/political sense. If you’re gonna own something, you should own it 100%. That’s what happens when you let money run politics.

The Art Of Pedophilia And Comet Ping Pong Performers

Amanda Kleinman aka ‘Majestic Ape’ and her video “The Neutered Noel”
Because nothing says ‘art’ like flashing subliminal images of both sexual bondage and kids. Being a bona fide bullshit artist, I know there’s a whole lot more to art than meets the eye.

Sex Stains Boy Lover Symbol On New Video

Pedo Pizza Back In The Day With The Young Olsen Twins

Pedo Related News

A total of 55 British clubs now involved in growing football child abuse scandal

Catholic priest arrested in Buenos Aires for child abuse; victims are accusing the Pope of knowing yet failing to sanction the priest concerned.



3 thoughts on “Wool Gathered Sheep Shearings So Far

  1. EtyerePetyere says:

    Outlandish conspiracy theories speculation . There are pedophiles all around fathers fucking their daughters or young sons is the most rampant . This taken on a political level is just a distraction from the real issues like climate change energy issues etc . There are pedophiles all around they were and they will be it is just a sign of a dysfunctional human society rooted in patriarchy and the aberration of the nuclear family unit .


  2. Ghostwheel says:

    “No More Daily Collapse.” Ever, or just today? That’d be a shame. First GMP essentially kills his site by offing comments, then Survival Acres shuts down. Not you too, I hope.

    Anyway, I kind of agree wit Etye above. The Pizzagate stuff is interesting, but the collapse of industrial civilization and our biospheric life support systems are the big stories.

    But if you’re in a Pizzagate kind of mood, Ulvfugl at Mons Angelorum is covering the hell out of that topic lately.

    Liked by 1 person

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