Machiavellian Pedophilia

Politics is a dirty business. It’s the ability to control people with bribes and blackmail. For absolute power, you need absolute control of lawmakers. The sexual liberation of humanity has opened a dark door. The use of dark web pedo sex networks for political bribes and blackmail. After all, politicians have no problem bombing women and children in Syria so that some Arabs can get rich selling gas to Europe. They already kill children from afar. It’s not that politicians are pedophiles, it’s that pedophiles are politicians because of someone’s desire for absolute and total control of them.

There’s two hidden services that Britain does well, 1. hide pedophilia and 2. launder money. Ever since America privatized its currency and credit in 1913 human misery and inequity spread and increased with the exception of the New Deal after the Great Depression. The 1960s were boom years in America because we had bombed Europe (including fire-bombing a whole city) in the 1940s, and we were getting rich rebuilding it. Why I am talking about money?

Alt-right Christians say that some heretical Jews are practitioners of the dark art of Machiavellian Pedophilia dating as far back as the 17th century. Although they may have cornered the market on the black art, they are not the soul proprietors. I don’t think any institutional religion is exempt from extreme corruption.

I heard it said that all pedo roads lead to Rome, and I read the last two Popes have blown $4 billion on pedo law settlements so far this century. It’s good to know where your donations go. Good thing I read The Vicars Of Christ as a primer for this.

It’s weird, and creepy as fuck, I normally don’t think about this kind of thing, but then I think back to someone like Vlad the Impaler, or some Queen from that time and place who bathed in human blood to stay young, and all the sick ancient rituals of drinking someone’s blood to gain their strength. The likely anthropological implications stink.

Most of us can’t accept Machiavellian Pedophilia because of its logical conclusion. People will fuck, kill and eat children to control each other for money and power. Some believe that blood transfusions from children keep you young and vigorous. It’s like Viagra and Botox for crazy rich people. The first emperor of China wanted to stay young forever and poisoned himself drinking mercury believing it to be his fountain of youth. The first victim of an ancient Obombacare by physicians.

All this stuff reminds me of the movie Faust starring Richard Burton. Would some kill for money and power? Some already do. Would some fuck and kill children for money and power? Some do. It’s like when you first heard 911 was an inside job, you can’t believe it, but then it explains everything. But, truth be told, we are already eating our children by our denial of climate change. This is why the truth can hide in plain sight, it’s so ugly we can’t see it. It’s the invisible middle finger of politics.

Vaguely Relevant 
This guy presents the historical Jewish heretic alt-right perspective, although I don’t agree that the Franz Lang’s Metropolis angle works like he imagines. I wouldn’t mind a comment on the heretical sect thing.



One thought on “Machiavellian Pedophilia

  1. EtyerePetyere says:

    When i have started seeing links being repeated day after day i knew that this blog is dieing now it has died suffocating in the sump of trivial pedophile stories and phantasmas


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