The Longevity of Machiavellian Pedophilia

The Majestic Rant

The one motive that really sells Machiavellian Pedophilia to me is the science of longevity.

In 2008, Wyss-Coray, a professor at Stanford University, discovered that transfusing the blood of young mice into old mice increased neuron growth in the brains of the old mice. Scientists were stunned. The research exploded, and Wyss-Coray started a company called Alkahest.

Machiavellian Pedo-Politics likely started around 400 years ago in Europe with the Catholic Church and heretic Jewish bankers, because nothing goes together like greed and evil. Victorian England and America became immersed in the occult around the 1900s. This was just before the credit and currency of the U.S. was privatised in 1913. The secret world of Machiavellian Pedo-Politics remained fairly well hidden until social media and the dark web came along. Who needs the CIA when you got Instagram?

Human knowledge is now doubling every 5 years. There is bio-technology called CRISPR that allows you to do genetic experiments in your basement with unprecedented precision. This technology is cheap and revolutionary. I’ve heard it said you can buy the related off-the-shelf technology on e-Bay. Now the kids in your basement can quickly become bio-hackers and start their own worldwide plague.

What this means is that you don’t need your very own genius mad scientist to get things done, all you need is a debt-ravaged student to build your own personal Frankenstein, or to do your own experimental research on longevity.

Okay, now let’s say that you’re the average run of the mill internet billionaire who wants it all, now and forever. I know the first half of that sentence is a stretch, but not the second part. So what do you do? You find like minded initiates who are into bio-technology. Bingo, you got yourself your self-funding fountain of youth business.

How many child-blood transfusions does it take to live forever? That means you need a steady supply of children. Like the Futurama professor exclaims, “Good news everybody!” because there’s an increasing supply of them.

Okay, so now we got to grow the market. We promote sex with young girls between 14-16 for rich people and blackmail them. Alright! Isn’t racketeering great? This is where the tried and tested Mob Rules for marketing apply.

So instead of instead of Mexican mass graves of children, they’ll become a profitable commodity. It’s like Gotham, but much worse. With a growing market for children, you’ll have 3 revenue streams, one from illegal sex, two from organ parts, and three for longevity purposes. We project exponential growth for the child-based longevity market.

So the dark money pours in. You are barely allowed to have cash anymore, but you can have as much dark money as you want. That’s why we got the Bank of England, the centre of the universe for pedophilia and money laundering. Never under-estimate the depravity of humanity, and you should be alright.





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