My Final Collapse

Collapse = PizzaGate.

The first collapse was 12,000 years ago.
The second collapse is in about 10 years or so.
The last collapse will be when the rich all die off.
The first collapse happened because of pride and arrogance.
So will the last. Not arrogance against God, just plain human arrogance.
Don’t you wonder why Clinton even thinks she can get away with it? Why does she flaunt her crimes in our face? The reason we will collapse is for the same reason she can openly get away with murder, whether it’s the murder of kids overseas or the ones here at home. She is psychopathic.
Psychopaths want us to see their free expression of preferential predilection not as a psychosis but as something socially superior, they can’t help themselves, they want to flaunt their psychosis over us and laugh while doing so. They simply believe empathy inferior. Psychosis and Laughter go together like Mad and Scientist or Priest and Pedo.
When I hear the Comet Pizza Sadistic Ape joke about child preferences, I want to do them what they do to kids. But, I’m a little old fashioned that way. The benign thing would be castration and a life sentence in solitary, but I’m not benign. It’s like the guy who built kiddie coffins next to a ‘kill room’ of his ‘favorite pedo’, and someone jokes, ‘just hose it down’. These sick fucks have to flaunt their shit in our faces or they can’t laugh at us.
If anyone accidentally sneezes allah akbah on a plane, we torture the shit out of them, while a catholic priest smiles a his Alter Boy feed. The world is going to collapse, and this is exactly why I believe it unstoppable and irreversible. But, I’m a bit simple that way. But the real reason is that either me or my wife will throttle me if I don’t stop.
Hillary Rapes Kids While Trump Rapes Earth.
Hillary Sacrifices Kids While Trump Sacrifices Earth.
Good luck with that.

4 thoughts on “My Final Collapse

  1. Woody Woodworth says:

    I have greatly appreciated these Collapse reports and your comments on our social ills, which I agree, is the root cause of WHY WE WILL EXTINCT OURSELVES.

    Is there anything that can be done to have you continue? Do you want to continue?
    Are you being pressured to stop?

    Anyway, WOW, who could have ever thunk, this was the way it would pan out while growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, deep sadness !

    Woody Woodworth


  2. Ghostwheel says:

    Like Robert and Woody, I, too, will miss the collapse reports. Perhaps there’s some hope that you’ll be refreshed after a short breather? Anyway, if you really are going out of the blog business yourself, you might want to check out the Survival Acres Food Assets Blog. It’s more of a weekly doom than a daily doom, but still, better than no doom at all!


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