How Pizza Will Destroy Life On Earth


PizzaGate And The Race To Immortality!

Will we achieve immortality before extinction?

I need a space to hide out, so this blog is now defunct, over, kaput, finished!

I plan to say some wicked things to describe our situation regarding life on earth, the universe and everything.

Good! Glad I got that figured out. Start.

Who Are Killing The Women And Kids?

We kill women and kids to enrich our lives. Whether we do this for sexual pleasure, oil security or physical longevity it doesn’t matter. It’s what we are doing right now. The demand for dead kids will increase forever more. It’s come to this.

All human institutions are failed, except maybe AI growth. Artificial intelligence will become the institution that governs our lives, we just don’t know it yet.

I learned the other day smart dolls record and monitor your child’s voice. Seriously!

I learned that bio-hackers and child fuckers want fresh blood and organs from dead children sending supply-demand curves into a double helix orgy of profit & loss like a snake eating its own tail. In the criminal economy, this is where the BIG money is because society cannot deal with the simplest concepts of demanding privacy in a public world. We want our secrets and public life too. We are greedy and delusional.

Rich people now have off the books dark money, while the poor can’t even be trusted with cash. Opaque money and open money co-exist and are leading society to normalizing the criminal genocidal mass extinction of life on earth. This is our monetary policy of security and energy.

Just as we can’t buy the world a solar panel, we can’t buy the world a gun and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. The hypocritical opacity of money in the electronic age has allowed us to get rich selling solar panels, guns and bullets to the world as if we have all the tax money to do it all and do it forever. The only thing I can imagine achieving immortality is our criminal duplicity.

People think we are going to turn our guns into solar panels if we all agree on a third sexual pronoun called “Ze”. Telling people what they can’t say, and what they have to say is divisive, stupidly childish and counterproductive. But urbanites also think we can grow vegetables in sky scrapers while the world’s soils are destroyed by GM foods. When extreme Summer heat waves come, these same rich urban liberals are at the beaches and lakes whopping it up. They must sit around campfires in wondrous pity of the ignorance of the poor, while those same poor die of urban heat stroke and smog inhalation. These same liberal climate scientists tell us if we switch to solar panels we can make enough of a difference. This is the same science/religious fiction as time-travel or life-after-death.

This whole corruption of human institutions began with alcohol and sexual prohibition. After the temperance movement, public brothels and booze joints were forced underground to become criminally corrupted. This happened right after we privatized our credit and currency as a nation state. This basically gave private capital free unfettered reign over nation state affairs. I call it the Al Capone/Keystone Kops eKonomy. Which naturally lead to WWI, The Great Depression and WWII. And now WWWIII. The Fake War.

Using war to avoid economic depression from bank bubbles has been American economic policy since the bank baron boom born out of the American Civil war. By the end of WWII, Eisenhower warned Americans of the Military Industrial feast on tax dollars. But we were too way into women’s rights and child contraception to notice while tech nerds played atomic war god. Those same nerds now play gene-hacker god betting on who could invent the world’s fastest home brewed plague.

I seriously doubt if AI could ever figure out why fake news has gone exponential because of money. It’s a self reinforcing Adonis feedback loop for the ecological economy.The financial economy has lead us to strip mine our soil to have food now. We are incentivising the destruction of future supplies of food for cheaper food now. The food responsible for this are grains.

What this means is that we have to solve all human problems on earth together at the same time. This includes sexual, drug, money and privacy rights in a future cashless economy. I wouldn’t be surprised if India’s cash ban was a CIA false flag operation to maintain private control over monetary policy.

Monetary policy is no mystery, rich people just like to pretend it is. Monetary policy simply means the agreed rules of money. In other words, we just make it up as we go along. This is essentially genocidal. Our current policy is to invent money out of thin air if you agree to go in debt. Debt demand is strong because we privatized health care and education while socializing war. I call this a suicide recipe. We do this because of primitive notions of governance.

The result of all this is that we can’t tell from duel fake news steams whether Mrs. Clinton kills more kids in the Middle East than she does here. Child blood, child organs, child genes and child sexual demand have exploded like an atomic bomb. The demand for child parts has exploded exponentially with no slowing down in sight. The mushroom cloud of baby parts will reign a flood of evil upon the world. Just what we need, another motive to be evil. Do you think rich people haven’t noticed the booming child demand?

The financial economy has incentivised war to create child refugees that we put into orphanages to farm out to child traffickers. We have invented a meme to help us deny this by calling everything fake news. What this means is that we are legally, criminally, politically and sexually insane all due to our inability to deal with sex, drug, tax, privacy and monetary policy.

When priests say money is evil, its because they want it. When socialists say money is evil, it’s because they want it. Money is the root of all evil, but not in some fancy pants pie in the sky kind of way, but in a real, here and now kind of way. We have to solve these issues across the whole world all at once or life on earth will die. And yes, the rich will die too, but only last.

Money is energy turned into promised debt to secure more energy to create more money to make more debt in an orgy of perpetual nirvana. It’s a positive force feedback loop called the economy. To start a world wide reverse revolution we have to turn money into carbon taxes you pay that are returned 100% back to you, with 0% for governments and corporations. This is the most libertarian way to unite left and right into a single action, which is to reduce carbon emissions in our economy. If you followed me so far you may think I’m an idiot savant, or maybe just an idiot. I understand.

There is no half assed solution. We cannot save earth with solar panels and electric cars unless we solve human conflict. Bullets cannot coexist with organic farming. I don’t care which tribe of humans has a higher claim on morality and ethics, none of that matters going forward, because we have to resolve all the real human problems right now across the whole planet. Only money can unite humanity in a cause. That cause is survival.

Our videos have fetishized our sexual fantasies to the point where we can’t even think of how to survive. Our videos have led to yet another sexual revolution, one we can’t stop hitting even if it means the end of life on earth. We can’t provide 10 billion humans with endless electronics without destroying life on earth. We have to destroy demand for new phones using carbon taxes. Right, wrong, no fair share. We can’t stop nuclear power with green energy because we can get even more energy while cleaning the nuclear waste we created by war. There is even such a thing as Green Nuclear energy, but our inability to agree going forward is worse than what we pretend to do, which is talk more act less.

Our inability to even honestly discuss the burgeoning demand of child traffickers convinces me more than anything that we are too stupid and self absorbed to live. You won’t see any child trafficking demand charts because they’re likely more secret than Saudi crude oil projections.  The earth will not be fine without because we are destroying life on earth, and life’s atmosphere and oceans too.

We are now too stupid to live. Some call my point of view misanthropic, I call it life in the techno-spheric misanthropocene.







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