The Collapse Of Money And Machiavellian Pedo Politics

Human Civilization’s First Mass Extinction And Collapse Happened 12,000 Years Ago!

Over twelve thousand years ago humanity lived in paradise and had powers to shape gigantic rocks in ways we cannot do today. The oceans were 50 feet lower then and the massive gravity of the mile thick glaciers pulled the Antarctic oceans north away from the South Pole, exposing a much lower continental shoreline than today. Our ancient ancestors could accurately map that shoreline and we still have copies made from copies of those maps.

The humans of over 12,000 years ago were great star math seers and could navigate boats longitudinally thousands of years before the British could, just over a hundred years ago, around the same time the Brits rediscovered the Antarctic Continent. Since the British didn’t know lemons from limes, they were called Limeys. That’s why they don’t like 15th century maps of Antarctica – kidding, Jeeze!

Eleven thousand years ago, humanity suffered a humongous world flood. All native cultures have the same flood legend told from times so ancient we forgot exactly when. No religion wants you to think that history goes back further than when they say it does. The best guess is that 12,800 years ago, the tail end of a near miss comet struck the earth sending us into a nuclear winter death spiral that nearly wiped out 2/3 of life on our planet. This sudden deep freeze only lasted 1,000 years when something else happened to earth causing it to quickly heat up. This heating up caused the ancient flood of world legends about 11,600 years ago.

The people who survived the great flood lived in places like Turkey and Syria, which in those days would have been like the back woods, or hill Billy country. Those survivors went back to the hunter/gatherer tradition to live. The last survivors of that ancient civilization sailed out onto new shores to reteach us about agriculture and writing. After civilization was reborn, Pedophilia was considered normal in Greek, Persian and Roman empires to be immune to blackmail.  After Rome collapsed, we went back to another dark age of several hundred years until we brought our heritage back from the Muslims.

After the dark age and renaissance, the church and state coffers filled thanks to Jewish bankers. Shortly after 1666 nearly half of Europe’s Jews got the Hedonistic idea that sin was good. This happened just after word of Machiavellian politics spread across the courts of Europe. It was then that Machiavellian Pedophilia likely bloomed and blossomed throughout the highly corrupted Catholic Church. The Papacy was an extremely vicious power game back then, deadly for its participants. I can barely live with my wife let alone a bunch of guys in red capes.

This new renaissance of wealth and corruption likely lead to a resurgence in high society child sacrifices to prolong strength, prosperity and duration of life. This is likely the first time for thousands of years that the very rich and powerful had time and inclination to indulge. But first, back to our story…

All those ancient flood legends have one other thing in common besides their age. They all agree that humans deserved the cataclysmic collapse because they became wicked and evil. That old line about the meek inheriting the earth has already come and gone. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the perceived cause of our first ancient destruction was Machiavellian Pedo Politics and Money.

Sometimes I feel like Dirk Gently, The Holistic Investigator. The only chance we got is to redefine money and politics. Pedophilia and Drug Abuse are sickness, and our money is the cure, as well the root of all this evil. We will have to redefine money across the world but we are too busy looking at ourselves to do it.




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