Young Food, Spirit Cooking Recipes

50 Shades of Pedophilia: The Intergenerational Black Conflict Swans!
Globalized Depravity: A World Child Traffic Services Prospectus
In the old days Diddlers would kidnap, rape and kill kids, and maybe even drink a little of their blood, now days there’s several downstream global aftermarkets for both dead and alive youths, such as bio-hacking, gene-editing and extreme fetishes.  The child blood transfusion craze is a profit motive multiplier for the exponential growth prospects of full spectrum child traffic services.
1> body parts, organ transplants, genetic CRSPR hacks, private stem cell experiments, private longevity experiments, sexual depravation, S&M, snuff and sex porn and full spectrum psychopathic services will converge with more demand for general labor, danger labor, double-danger labor etc .
2> early food and water shortages will hit poor and young first , food and water will be weaponized commodities.
3> depraved intergenerational exploitation and converging black swans trigger epochal intergenerational multi-regional youth war. mitigation and adaptation measures will include fake news and austerity quotas.
4> none of this goes away, even if you squeeze your eyes closed, shake your clenched fists and wish real real hard, like you do when you play video games, but then, I remember when blindly walking and talking to yourself was crazy, very likely war kids will be weaponized for video amusement.
END: How To Serve Youth!
I can imagine in 20 years from now some debt laden biology major explaining to his wife that he doesn’t actually kill the kids, he just processes them. How long has it been since you learned we are drone bombing kids? And how much worse has bombing kids got since you first learned about it? You have known 911 is a lie for 15 years and still we torture Persians for the Arabs. We burn kids alive for the rich over there, and we do much worse to them here at home. How much of this can they stand?

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