Why The Post Truth Media Collapse Started In 1950







The 1948 first edition of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, the first of the two Kinsey reports.

Yes, honesty in the media has totally collapsed, but not with pizzagate. This goes way back to the Kinsey Report on human sexuality in the 1950s. Kinsey’s first book took the world by storm and was read by millions of readers, yet chapter 5, which covered pedophilia, was totally ignored worldwide for decades. In this chapter Kinsey tried to normalize the sexuality of children by claiming their cries and convulsions of pain during sex were proof of child orgasm. Wake the fuck up people. Collapse doesn’t happen overnight. It can take a lifetime.

See for yourself:

Here is a video of the Majestic Ape at Comet Ping Pong Pizza responding to audience calls that someone is into children, to which MA laughs like a creep and says, “Well, we all have our preferences.”

This is 100% proof of a crime. This is 100% ignored by all the media. If you can stomach it, you can watch the whole video of him playing there in front of the wall mural of cannibals playing with a decapitated head before it was painted over. Instead of investigating the crime, media whore Megan Kelly opens an interview with the accused saying all doe-eyed, “What a terrible ordeal this must have been for you.”

The only reason we know any of this is because that fucking idiot, John Podesta clicked on a gmail message he thought was from Google that said, “Your gmail has been hacked, click here.” This is the oldest fucking trick on the net, next to the Nigerian Prince, and this fucking idiot thinks he can fix it himself without anyone knowing about it. If I were a script writer offering this up as fiction, I would get it tossed right back into my face. This story is so stupid, it has to be true. Who would be stupid enough to hang paintings of dead children on his walls, and invite the media over to see it?

I am a progressive liberal socialist who came from a racist sexist upbringing. It took me years to alter my thinking by reading articles on progressive websites. If you click on any of these websites, you’ll notice that there is absolutely nothing on pizzagate. The only places I could get any information on pizzagate were alt-right websites. I fucking hate alt-right websites. So you got both conservative pro-republican and progressive pro-democratic media poo pooing pizzagate. It’s no wonder these guys think they can get away with this shit. Why wouldn’t they?

I am circumcised. Little did I know I probably got my first blow job from a Jew about a minute after being cut. Gee, thanks mom. Circumcision probably explains why Jews and Muslims are so crazy.


Check out how regressive these liberal sites are on pizzagate. It’s fucking disgusting. I’m fucking pissed off! Really pissed off! I would love to give Jimmy Comet and his pals the business end of a broom for a while until they bleed all out.











One thought on “Why The Post Truth Media Collapse Started In 1950

  1. Pintada says:

    I followed you for a while, because of all the great links that you used to post. Then, you fell for this pizzagate thing.

    I deleted your site from my reading list since there is nothing here now, but I’m back. Its like watching a train wreck, and I know I should, but I just can’t avert my eyes. I’m watching someone that I thought had a clue melt down over an obvious hoax. Its horrible, gruesome, and (I know, I’m a bad person for saying so.) funny as hell.

    Good luck.


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