Children Of The Moloch Media Machine


If you look at a night light map of Europe, you’ll notice a mass concentration of lights between England and Belgium, exactly where the pedophile capitals of planet earth reside. The reason is because it has long been rumoured that pedophilia runs in the royal families of Queens Elizabeth and Beatrix. Queen Elizabeth once selected 10 Native Canadian children, took them home, and they were never heard from again. Sounds too horrible to be true, yet makes perfect sense.  Since the news is so fake we can’t tell our asses from a hole in the ground, I’m going to assume everything I see is true.

The rich people of Saudi Arabia live like kings who like to fuck and kill women and kids.

That’s why they bomb women and children in hospitals and schools in Yemen and Syria, starve them and use them as hostages. One of the guys our tax dollars pay to do this wet work posted a selfie of himself in Syria cutting out and eating a human heart in 2013.

The Saudis buy our weapons and give us the oil that makes our world go round.

England and Switzerland launders the worlds’ drug, oil, gun and mafia money into cold hard electronic cash. These are the same countries that burn palm oil in diesel cars, and import wood pellets from around the world to get 50% of their “renewable” energy.

It was the real cash 0f drug money that prevented the financial collapse of the world’s banks in 2008.

We are raping and killing women and children all over the world for money and power.

This game is old as humanity, you work, we take.

In tribal situations that’s fine. It doesn’t work worldwide.

When the meek let the strong and wicked do this, we are as guilty as they.

The meek have disinherited the earth and rush headlong to the exit.

The pizza slice has become our metaphysical symbol of self-oppression.

Podesta and Alifantis appeared on MSM to make us feel helpless.

This is the same helpless they make us feel about war, 911 and global trade deals.

The people of the world can unite to civilize humanity but choose not to.

It’s obvious we have to prevent pedophilia through education while our children mature early.

It’s obvious we have to stop paying people to rape and kill women and kids around the world.

It’s obvious we have to stop this, but the meek are unwilling and we play stupid.

I sacrifice our future for my greed and fear.

This is why I know I will kill earth.

And the Moloch machine still eats our children under Metropolis.

We are entering a deep abiding violence.

We are not going gently into that night.

It is the night we meekly inherit.

The greedy and cowardly shall not inherit the earth.

We are too greedy and cowardly to save it.

So long, it’s been a slice.








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