The Social Arc Of Collapse

There are 2 driving visions of the world, the young techno-positive and the old cynical-negative.


We are going to live in a post-human, eco-urban, bio-energy, hi-tech, sex and racial paradise and our energy transition is proceeding accordingly. This isn’t true.


We have been lied to about oil and energy since the 1980s when OPEC hid and exaggerated their oil reserve data. We are now being lied to about green energy transition efficiency. We are pushing electronic consumerism while ignoring soil, water and habitat degradation. Soil degradation means not only that our soil is blowing and washing away, but the soil that remains is increasingly lifeless and poisonous. Increasing consumer and energy demand mean more resources go to the rich. This increasing resource disparity reveals itself through increased human trafficking and slavery. Indentured and outright slavery is increasing.

The oil boom of the 1960s helped reduce domestic slavery during a time of plenty and cheap energy. We will never run out of oil, we will run out of cheap oil. Life is cheap, and cheap life more abundant. Some say the peak oil Giant will awaken next year with a mighty roar. Some say 2025. Doesn’t matter.

The reason we can ignore things like 5,000 Pentagon computers with child porn on them is because we are all hard-wired to have children, and not all hard-wired to raise them. Five thousand child porn computers means about 1,000 for each side of the Pentagon. They’ve only successfully investigated 70 cases so far because they are using blackmail to bury the vast majority of the cases. These are the same¬†people who lost over a trillion bucks in accounting errors and who sell the weapons that kill women and children all over the earth. So now we have it, resource scarcity and increased violence.

On the left hand, we will run out of soil, water, trees, fish, food, clement weather, fertilizers and cheap energy and safe habitat long before we can effect a 100% clean energy transformation.

On the right hand, we are entering a mass refugee crises of epic proportions, social disintegration and unlimited violence. We are literally selling and giving the guns away to the people who will come to kill us, even within our own country.




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